Volcanic soil

Roses With Altitude grows on virgin black soil that’s native to its area. This soil is enriched with both nitrogen and potassium that help extend the vase-life of the roses. 

The soil is capable of maintaining nutrients and humidity because it isn’t sandy, nor does it contain any pebbles or debris. In fact, half of its nutrients come naturally from organic material which significantly reduces the use of chemical fertilizers.

Roses with Altitude Poster

Our varieties

Available in a wide range of colors and styles, wholesale orders.

– Cherry Oh

– Freedom

– Mondial

– Pink Floyd

– Santana

– Senorita

– Tara

Coming soon:

Amnesia, Blueberry, Brighton, Explorer, Free Spirit, Frutetto ( Available for Mother’s Day 2018),  Geraldine, Nena, Pink Mondial (Available for Mother’s Day 2018), Sweet Escimo, Tibet (Available for Mother’s Day 2018).