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Growing Premium Ecuadorian Roses

Introducing Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A., we’re proudly growing premium-quality roses from our boutique farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador.  Led by our talented team in Quito, Jet Fresh Flowers is exploring new heights 2,896 meters above sea level. With over 40 varieties in production, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. allows us to supply a wider inventory of quality Ecuadorian roses worldwide.


Wholesaler’s Mindset

As importers and distributors, we understand the needs of wholesalers and event planners — to ensure quality, freshness and performance.


Ideal Climate Conditions

Our farm has its own microclimate — surrounded by hills and mountains — which creates a thriving environment that’s perfect for growing roses.


Nourishing River Water

Alongside the farm flows a river provided by the natural melt from the Cotopaxi Volcano, which supplies the roses with fresh, cold water 2,896 meters above sea level.


Over 30 different rose varieties are grown at Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Explore all varieties growing now available year-round. Download the variety chart here.

Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a very polular, high-centered lavender rose. This variety features a medium-sized head and bloom that’s perfect for weddings and events.


Ballet is a strong pink rose with elegantly ruffled petals. This solid pink variety opens to a lovely round shape with a medium-sized bloom perfect for weddings and events.

Cherry Oh

Cherry Oh is a hot pink rose with dark pink undertones. This high-centered variety has a large head with a high bloom count.


Circus is a vibrant bi-color rose variety with yellow petals and red borders that together create a lovely blended shade of orange to be used year-round.

Coffee BreAK

Coffee Break is a bronze/ terra-cotta rose with dark orange petals and dark red edges. Available year-round, this unique variety has the perfect earth tones for weddings and special events.

Cool Water

Cool Water is a dark lavender rose with a large bloom and a medium head size. This high-centered variety opens fully making a statement for any occasion.


Encanto is a rich bi-color rose with yellow petals and reddish-pick outer petals. This variety lightens as it blooms forming a bright colorful rose that resembles the sunset.


Esperance is an elegant bi-color rose with creamy petals, pink edges and slight green guard petals. This wedding-perfect variety has a large bloom that forms into a beautiful blush rose.


Explorer is a popular red rose variety well-known for its large bloom, and rich,dark shade of red. Available year-round, this romantic rose variety is great for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day.


Faith is a mauve pink rose with dusty, antique characteristics that are perfect for elegant weddings and events. Faith has a large bloom size that opens beautifully revealing its unique shade of pink.


Finally, there’s another red rose variety that’s perfect for the holidays. Finally has vibrant red petals that open fully giving a great performance for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. Finally is unique variety because it doesn’t blacken and is about twice as productive as other commercial red roses grown in S.A.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit is a very popular garden rose well-known for their ruffly petals and large bloom size. This bi-color garden rose opens fully revealing orange petals with hot pink outer petals that lighten as they bloom.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla is a beautiful creamy rose with a yellow center which lightens as the rose bloom. This variety has a large head and bloom size to stand out in weddings and special events.


Lighthouse is projected to be the highest-demanded yellow rose in 2019. Lighthouse, from the “House” series roses, is a vibrant yellow rose variety with deep petals that stand out in any arrangement. This rose variety opens fully giving a beautiful performance for any special occasion.


Marvel is an elegant garden rose with peach tones and light green edges. This unique variety has ruffled petals and wavy center creating the perfect garden look for weddings and events.


Milva is a bright bi-color rose with orange petals and pink edges. This beautiful variety has a medium head-size, and it’s great substitute for the popular garden rose, Free Spirit.


Mohana is a true yellow rose with a large head size and a wide bloom. This unique variety is either solid yellow, or may feature a hint of red on the outer guard petals.


Mondial is a large creamy white rose with light green outer petals. This beautiful variety is popular for weddings and events, and is well-known for its bloom size and elegant color.


Piacere is a dark lavender rose variety with wavy petal edges. This lovely variety stands out in floral arrangements, and gives a great splash of color for weddings and events.


Pomarosa is a unique rose variety with light blush pink with creamy undertones. This elegant variety complements many flower types and colors palettes for any wedding or special event.


Sandy is an elegant cream rose with hints of mauve blush which creates a subtle peach hue. This variety is the perfect wedding rose and a great substitute for popular varieties such as Quicksand.


Silvery Light is a light lavender hybrid tea rose with soft and elegant dusty petals. This variety opens fully giving a great performance for weddings and events.

Super Green

Super Green is a ruffled green rose that has similar
petal characteristics as elegant garden roses.
This variety has a medium-sized bloom,and a hgh
petal count which may contain tiny flecks of red.


Sweetness is a unique white and red bi-color rose variety. This lovely rose has ruffly, wavy petals that give this variety a unique look blending these colors beautifully.


Tara is popular rose variety with a large head and an intense shade of yellow. This popular rose variety has a medium bloom shape which opens beautifully holidays and special events.


Topaz is a hot pink rose variety with vibrant petals and a high-centered bloom. This lovely hot pink rose opens beautifully for special occasions and events.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a bright bi-color rose variety with yellow petals and orange/red edges. This variety has a large head and a long vase life, perfect to use year-round.


Vendela is a popular high-centered, cream rose that’s perfect for weddings and events. This variety has a medium-sized head and bloom that performs lovely.


Whitehouse is a brand-new, pure white rose variety from the new “House” series roses. This elegant variety opens fully giving a classic performance that’s completely versatile for all floral occasions. Jet Fresh Flower Growers is the first farm that’s growing Whitehouse.

Juanita and Carlos Growers from JFF

The farm and greenhouses are well-kept and maintained by our Growers team, and managed by our talented Quito team — led by Juanita and Carlos Coloma. In-house chefs also provide quality meals to everyone for all their work and dedication.


Our dedicated Growers team works together in every stage of production taking extra care of our roses and our farm.

With over 60 new members of the Jet Fresh Flower Growers family, our roses are cut and harvested by hand, and bunches are carefully wrapped and boxed with the ultimate care.

Growers team Jet Fresh Flowers

How to buy

Ecuadorian roses grown by Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. are available in the U.S. as well as internationally.

For inquiries in the U.S. please contact

For international and farm-direct information, please contact

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