Largest Inventory of Preserved Roses In Miami

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What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved Flowers are fresh-cut flowers which were either dried or preserved by a chemical proprietary process. Designed to extend the longevity of floral designs, preserved flowers maintain their natural shape and beauty without wilting.

Available year-round, Preserved Flowers are the perfect alternative to real flowers because they don’t require any watering nor special care, and they’re more natural-looking than silk.

Choose from a large selection of preserved flowers, fillers and bouquets in a range of colors from natural to tinted.

Preserved Rose Purple
Preserved roses bouquet

Perfect for

. Keepsake bouquets, floral arrangements and home decor

. Wedding/event accessories: flower crowns/hair pieces, baskets, table decor, boutonnieres, corsages, favors, etc.

. Gifts and proposal ideas

. DIY projects and crafts

. Window displays and sample arrangements for shops and trade shows

. Set decor/props for movies and photoshoots

. School events and fundraisers

. Funerals


. Available year-round

. Already bloomed

. No wilting

. Easy to transport

. Still looks natural

. Perfect for multiple climate

. No flower care required

Choose your size

Preserved Roses come in many different sizes in both standard and garden rose varieties. Choose sizes that best fit your needs. 

Fresh Preserved Flowers Supplying a wide range of natural focal and filler Preserved Flowers.

Preserved flowers are currently available in the following types: