U.S. Truck-lines

There are many ways to have Jet Fresh flowers shipped to you throughout the U.S. depending on where you’re located. Our preferred vendor list features various truck-lines available by region. 

Nationwide Shipping

Armellini Express Lines Nationwide (except AK & HI) (305) 592-5933
(888) 235-4723

Florida Beauty Flora Transportation  Nationwide (except AK & HI) (305) 503-1200
(877) 477-7611

Arrive Logistics Nationwide (except AK & HI) Reefer FTL and LTL

Pro Intermodal / Pro Cold Storage Nationwide (except AK & HI) 786-686-5917

FedEx Contact us at (305) 499-9144

Statewide Shipping

Cal Air Truck / Mission Trucking Express Florida (305) 871-4552

Golden Line Express Florida (305) 477-5555

Goldstar Logistics Network Florida (305) 423-8989

Jeff Express Florida(561) 376-7790

Pacific Bloom of Florida Florida / Georgia (305)-244-0378

Wayne Carr Trucking Inc. California(863) 467-6210

Regional Shipping

Anthony’s Trucking / H&K Transportation Northeast (305) 436-9803

APM Transportation Northeast (305) 970-5131

Prime FloralMidwest/West Coast (305) 599-9725

Lee Sigler East Coast (954) 245-6353

U.S. Cargo Airlines

You can also ship Jet Fresh Flowers nationwide with U.S. cargo airlines. Your flowers will be available for pick up at your nearest airport. 

Amerijet International (305) 593-5500

Armellini Air Express (305) 468-8745

Cal-Air Cargo (305) 871-4552

Delta Cargo (800) DL-Cargo

Southwest Cargo (800) 533-1222

South Florida Shipping

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors offers limited local shipping services to customers in South Florida. Please speak with a Jet Fresh sales rep to discuss your local delivery options. Look out for our fresh trucks driving around South Florida, designed by our marketing director, Ryan Black. 


Jet Fresh Flower Distributors also offers FedEx shipping services at competitive rates for FedEx Air and FedEx Ground shipping. Ground shipping only services available for preserved flowers only.

Services available in U.S. and Canada. Contact us at (305) 499-9144 to place an order shipped with FedEx.

Note: FedEx does not ship using any refrigeration to guarantee the quality of your flowers upon delivery. Shipping via FedEx is at the buyers risk and Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is not responsible for any delays or losses incurred during shipping.