Free Peace & Love in Every Box

Jet Fresh Flower Growers is proudly offering Hippy Psychedelic Roses from Ecuador. These colorfully packed roses bunches come with peace and love in every box, packed in wonderful colors for wholesale, events and more. 

Our boutique rose farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador is creating a wide range of color and packing variations for your floral needs and shipping them in freight-friendly 50-stem boxes for your convenience. 

Variety Chart

ImagiNe The PosSibilities

Imagine roses in all the different colors you can dream? Now you don’t have to. With Hippy Psychedelic Roses you can experience all the beauty that roses have to offer in unique colors and combinations that are fun and exciting for wholesale and events. 

Color-enhanced flowers are continuing to push boundaries within the flower industry, giving designers a fun floral medium to work with. 

Hippy Psychedelic poster


What are Color-Enhanced Flowers?

Color-enhanced flowers are fresh-cut flowers that have been enhanced chemically to alter its color and appearance; in order to achieve a special design or aesthetic that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible naturally. 

There are many ways to color-enhance flowers which have taken the industry by storm. Airbrushed and absorption-dyed are some of the top methods for enhancing flowers, and Jet Fresh Flower Growers is producing a wide variety of colorful airbrushed and dyed roses. 

Jet Fresh Flower Growers has passionate artists who are taking color-enhanced roses to the next level by developing new and fresh colorful designs that are exciting to see. 

Want to see how color-enhanced roses are made? Check out this quick demonstration from our farm.

Hippy Psychedelic Roses are available in a wide range of styles including:


Color Absorption

Natural Mixed





Glitter Edges

Checkerboard, and more!

Hippy Psychedelic Roses are packed in freight-friendly 50-stem boxes. Watch the video to learn more.