Jet Fresh Flower Distributors supplies fresh-cut peonies to wholesalers and event planners worldwide, searching for one of the most popular flowers in the world. This widely sought-after flower is a designer favorite, transforming weddings and events into gorgeous, memorable affairs.

Event Flowers

Peonies are wonderful flowers for events year-round. Consider fresh-cut peonies for the following occasions:


-Bridal Showers/Engagement Parties


-Baby Showers/Gender Reveals


-Holiday Parties


Popular Varieties

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has fresh-cut peonies in many different varieties for your wholesale and event needs. Popular varieties include:

-Coral Charm

-Sarah Bernhardt

-Festiva Maxima

-Duchess de Nemours

-Red Charm

-Bowl of Cream


-Mons Jules Elie

-Mother’s Choice

-Dr. Alex Flemming


-Angel Cheeks

-Big Ben

-Shirley Temple

-Florence Nichols


-Garden Treasure

-And more!


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