A Growing Trend

The houseplant trend has been more popular than ever, and today there’s a much greater appreciation for potted flowering plants in our everyday lives. From home decor to installation devices, floral professionals are finding more ways to work with potted plants that speak to their audience.

It’s no surprise. There are many benefits of working with potted flowering plants that are perfect for wholesalers and event planners. The longevity of these potted flowers supersedes the lifespan of fresh-cut flowers. And they can be incorporated in floral arrangements which are perfect for the holidays and special events.



Flowers include:


Calla Lilies


Chrysanthemum “Mums”



and more.




Benefits of Potted Plants

Boosts mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. 

Reduces stress and fatigue.

Helps clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.

Helps us connect with nature and make our surroundings more beautiful.

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Truck Line Friendly

Jet Fresh Flowers supplies fresh potted flowers that are safe to travel in your refrigerated truck lines. Not only are your potted flowers kept fresh with proper temperature control, but they are well-packed to guarantee quality upon arrival.