JFTV: Wetter is Better Dutch Dahlias from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors

I know you’re still recuperating from Mother’s Day, but we have exciting news that you simply can not miss.

It’s Dutch Dahlia season and Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has wholesale “Wetter Is Better” Dutch Dahlias just in-time for wedding season.

In this new episode of JFTV, the Fern Show introduces seven different varieties of Dutch Dahlias available to order from Miami. Each of these varieties feature their own unique qualities in terms of color and shape that you must see for yourself.

Our “Wetter is Better” Dutch Dahlias are packaged the Dutch-way, facing upright in wet-pack proconas, already pre-hydrating upon arrival.

Dahlias are amazing focal flowers that are highly requested for weddings and special occasions. It’s no surprise that they require the best care to maintain their incredible blooms and perform for your event.

Dutch Dahlia Varieties

Dutch Dahlias come in different forms, such as cactus and ball types, which make them so unique in the flower industry. Take a closer look at some of the varieties flying at the Jet.

Pink Ball “Wizard of Oz” Dahlias

How to Order

Dutch Dahlia season is going to be around from May until June/July, depending on the weather. So take advantage of Dutch Dahlias while you still can!

Contact your Jet Fresh sales rep at (305) 499-9144 or Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com to learn about prices and quantities; and to custom order for your upcoming event.

Don’t let your customers miss out on this exciting flower season.

For all new customers, please request to set up a new account at Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com.

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