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Discover the Luxurious Red Land Roses

Jet Fresh Red Lands Blog

Now available at Jet Fresh Flower Distributor, are the exquisite Garden and Garden Spray Roses from Red Land Roses. Red Lands Roses Red Land Roses is a distinguished Kenyan grower known for producing some of the highest quality roses, embodying the essence of haute couture. With around two hundred varieties, their roses are a true […]

Bridal Trends at Intrigue Tour 2024

When it comes to celebrating their big day, couples are throwing out the rulebook and embracing bold, vibrant, and eye-catching trends. From dazzling lab-grown diamonds to fashion-forward gowns, weddings are more personalized and expressive than ever.  At the Intrigue Across America Tour, sponsored by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Jet Fresh Flower Growers, we witnessed […]

Into the Elements at Floriexpo 2024

Jet Fresh Flowers created a floral installation where nature’s elements came alive through the art of flowers. At the 2024 Floriexpo in Ft. Lauderdale, the ”Into the Elements” floral installation captivated visitors, offering a unique interpretation of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Florally guided by Rob Gooljar from Iris Blossom and Olga Ramirez, AIFD, the Jet […]

Intrigue Design 2024 – Stop 1

Jet Fresh Flowers proudly sponsors the Intrigue Teaches floral design workshops, the next few months we’ll be sharing insights into the flowers featured across the 7 stops of the tour. Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue Teaches team have curated unique locations, color palettes, and design styles for each stop. If we could give a name […]

Petal Production Visits Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Prior to the Valentine’s rush, the Petal Productions team embarked on an unforgettable journey, into the world of Ecuadorian Flower Farms. Petal Productions, an acclaimed floral design and event production studio, stands as a valued partner to Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Guided by Michael Blackand accompanied by the Jet Fresh Flower Growers Team, they immersed themselves in the intricate process of cultivating the flowers that play a vital role in their spectacular events.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers awarded Social Responsibility Award

We are thrilled to announce that Jet Fresh Flower Growers has been honored with the Social Responsibility Award for our Laundry Program, “Lavandería Mi Ropita Siempre Freshquita.” The recognition was bestowed upon us at the Siflor International Floriculture Symposium held in Quito, Ecuador, this November. Siflor is a non-profit association that aims to contribute to […]