Petal Production Visits Jet Fresh Flower Growers

After an enduring 24-year friendship and business partnership, Raffi Grosz, President of Petal Productions, embarked on his inaugural trip to Ecuador alongside some of his team. Guided by Michael Black and the local team at Jet Fresh Flower Growers, both teams went on an unforgettable tour of Ecuadorian Flower Farms. Petal Productions, renowned for its exquisite floral design and event production visited Ecuador to learn more about the flowers they use in their stunning events.  

From the gorgeous landscapes of Ecuador to insightful visits to Rosaprima, Agrogana, Conectiflor – E.G. Hill and Jet Fresh Growers Farm, this experience marked a first for both teams. Each company emphasized the importance of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility as pillars of their operations.

In the words of Michael Black, “For everyone in the industry, it’s crucial to witness the growing beds, the post-harvest, and connect with the faces behind the flowers you work with.”

It was very special for Michael to share with his friend, Raffi the roses at Jet Fresh Flower Growers.

With two decades of friendship, Mike and Raffi discuss their favorite varieties.

Cultivating Knowledge

At Jet Fresh Flower Growers they saw the process of making “Rose Tattoos” by Speaking Roses™ and Hippy Psychedelic Roses. Immediately they thought of the endless possibilities they could offer their clients.

The team gained profound insights into the meticulous process of selecting varieties, determining cut points, and managing the logistics behind creating stunning floral arrangements.

Endless Floral Opportunities

Eddie enthusiastically rolled up his sleeves, personally participating in cutting the roses that Petal Productions would showcase at an upcoming event. The team of professionals agreed that the knowledge gained during this visit would change the way they approach their floral business.

Raffi & Heather Grosz, Eddie, Lauren, and Brittany shared their adventure on Episode 98 of the 2 Fat Guys Talking Flowers. Amidst roses, ranunculus, and cascading waterfalls, the Petal Productions team encountered an unexpected twist at their haunted hotel. Tune in to Episode 98 to listen to their experiences and supernatural stories.

A huge thank you to the Petal Production team members for sharing their adventures with us. 

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