International Gerbera Month – Get Ready To Celebrate

International Gerbera Month

Get ready to celebrate because March is not just the beginning of Spring—it’s International Gerbera Month, and once again we’re ready to party at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors! 

All month long, we’re teaming up with our partners Rosa Flora Limited in Canada to help promote the joy of Gerbera Daisies. These vibrant and cheerful flowers are not just your regular flowers; they’re the life of every party!

Straight from the heart of Miami, we’re supplying wholesale Gerbera Daisies in standard and mini sizes, plus some show-stopping varieties. These flowers are not just grown; they’re pampered and cared for by the floral experts at Rosa Flora Limited.

In their state-of-the-art facilities, they focus on eco-friendly and top-notch growing standards. Rosa Flora Limited is raising the bar for Gerbera Daisies, ensuring they blossom in environmentally sustainable conditions without compromising on quality. These daisies are greenhouse-grown year-round, hand-picked daily, and produced using bio -pest controls and recycled water.

Cold-chain sustained for freshness, they make their way to Miami, arriving without a fuss, maintaining that perfect temperature for an extended vase life and peak performance.

Let’s Celebrate International Gerbera Month

We’ve teamed up with Rosa Flora to make International Gerbera Month a blast. Place your 4-week Standing Order and get a limited edition “Yellow Cup Kit”. Kit includes Rosa Flora Yellow bucket cups and Jet Fresh Wetter is Better Ping Pong Balls. A mini version of March Madness, from previous years.

Shipping starts March 1st through 31st, with a 4-week minimum commitment.  

Celebrating Large & Mini Gerbs of all colors. The Large assorted Gerberas come in White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Peach and Hot Pink. The Mini Assorted come in White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Peach.

Spread the Gerbs

Show your love for Gerbera Month, join the fun with our standing order, and let the festivities bloom. Download our awesome marketing assets to spread the word about this incredible flower incentive – just right-click, save, and customize your message. Cheers to Gerbera Daisies and a month-long challenge.  

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