Bridal Trends at Intrigue Tour 2024

When it comes to celebrating their big day, couples are throwing out the rulebook and embracing bold, vibrant, and eye-catching trends. From dazzling lab-grown diamonds to fashion-forward gowns, weddings are more personalized and expressive than ever.  At the Intrigue Across America Tour, sponsored by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and Jet Fresh Flower Growers, we witnessed some exciting trends in bridal and event arrangements, led by Sarah Campbell and her talented team.  The Tour had 8 stops in all different cities, From New York City to Santa Barbara a Jet Fresh Flower member made a guest appearance.  

A Burst of Color in Bridal and Event Arrangements

Gone are the days of subdued, traditional color palettes. Now it’s all about making a statement with bright, vibrant hues. Showcasing unique fashion sense with gowns that push the boundaries of traditional bridal wear, and their floral choices are the perfect, vibrant contrast. Here are some standout trends and moments from the Intrigue Across America Tour that highlight how Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue team used Jet Fresh Flowers and our partner Flowers, the star of the tour.

Savannah Blues

The Savannah stop of the Intrigue Tour was nothing short of magical. Against the backdrop of majestic southern trees and lush greenery, the use of contrasting blues created a stunning background. Big gypsophila color-enhanced garlands added a whimsical touch, while Jet Fresh Hippy Psychedelic Roses with various blue hues provided a pop of color. Light blue and bright blue hydrangeas wrapped around the arrangements, creating a bold and beautiful backdrop for the photoshoot. This setup perfectly exemplified how color can be used to enhance and complement natural surroundings.

Bright in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s theme was all about rich, berry & citrus tones. A combination of red, lavender, and plenty of eucalyptus brought a sophisticated yet vibrant touch to the event. The bride’s bouquet featured stunning  Miyabi garden roses, which added a luxurious feel. Baby blue eucalyptus provided a simple yet classy accent, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Marigolds, proteas and various peach tones were used to bring an orange touch.

Marvels in Missouri

In St. Louis, the Intrigue Team crafted an ethereal ambiance using lavenders and pastels. The aisle was adorned with a variety of statice and tall allium, adding height and vibrancy. The bouquet was particularly striking, featuring unique hand-painted Anthuriums by Haus of Stems™. With iridescent shades of light blue and purple, the anthuriums introduced the perfect touch of modernity to the bridal arrangement.

Colombian-grown – Bijo Sweet Peas, gorgeous Canadian peonies, and white tulips to add a sweet touch to the bridal party and brides bouquets, all available through Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Making Flowers the Star of the Show

Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue team have mastered the art of making impact and grandeur with flowers.   Using bold colors, innovative designs, and unexpected floral combinations, they transform spaces into extraordinary floral experiences. The emphasis on vibrant, eye-catching florals ensures that every wedding is not only beautiful but also memorable.

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