Emerge 2024 – AIFD Symposium

The AIFD® National Symposium is more than just an ordinary flower show; it stands as the floral industry’s premier floral design education event. Emerge 2024, held at the Signa Hotel in Orlando, was a remarkable gathering of design talent and floral professionals from around the world.

Partners & Industry Showcase

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors took pride in being a Gold Sponsor of this prestigious event, contributing flowers from Jet Fresh Growers farm, Rosa Flora, and other esteemed floral partners. These flowers adorned the convention and graced the stage, tables, and various locations throughout the hotel.

During the Industry Showcase, Jet Fresh collaborated with Accent Decor to highlight vibrant flower varieties using Accent Decor vessels, vases, and the NEW Gothic Arches. The Jet Fresh Design team, led by Olga Ramirez, CFD, AIFD, and Dennis Kelly of Fiddleleaf Floral from PA, crafted a stunning display. The Gothic Arches were filled with a rainbow of roses and focal flowers, arranged in an X formation for a striking visual impact. Inside the arches, delicate orchids added an elegant touch. The table featured several vases showcasing favorites like Hippy Psychedelic Roses and the Wild Collection of animal prints by JFFG. Highlights included Jet Fresh Growers Speaking Roses, Florius Mentha, Floraprima Levante Anemones, Ikebana Sweet Peas, and tropical selections. The Accent Decor Doric Collection was topped with a mix of orchids and Asclepia Pods. The showcase helped grow valuable connections with many AIFD members.

Emerge 2024’s main stage presentations were nothing short of spectacular. The event opened with “Dystopia” by Talmage McLaurin AIFD, celebrating the beauty in our imperfect world. 

Additional Education Experiences

Jet Fresh Gerb Guy

Other notable presentations included “Weddings Unveiled” by Ian Prosser AIFD and Zoë Gallina of Botanica Design Studio, “Pomp and Permanence” by Marlin Hargrove AIFD, and “Journey to the Luxury Lane of Flowers” by Sarah Campbell, co-sponsored by Smithers-Oasis and Jet Fresh Flowers. Corienne Heck, of Details Software gave a great presentation about Floral Knockout Pricing,& the Jet Fresh Gerb Guy was there to assist her.

Representing Jet Fresh Flowers at AIFD

Additional educational experiences featured panels sponsored by SAF NextGen, where industry representatives & Jet Fresh team members like Fernando Ortega and Mimi Pacheco discussed tapping into today’s talent and discovering careers in floriculture.

Emerge 2024 – AIFD Symposium was a vibrant celebration of floral artistry, innovation, and education, leaving attendees inspired and connected. We can’t wait for next years symposium in Palm Springs.  

Here’s a Recap of AIFD Symposium 2024.

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