Jet Fresh Growers host “Blooms & Cameras”

Jet Fresh Flower Growers recently hosted an unforgettable event, “Blooms & Cameras,” bringing together international florists and flower buyers for a two-day floral inspiration session. This event occurred in two stunning locations: the picturesque Jet Fresh Growers farm and our Quito office, offering attendees a chance to ignite their creativity with flowers.  

Day 1: International Florist at the Farm

The events kicked off on the farm, where international florists gathered to tour Jet Fresh Flower Growers and the newly renovated Post Harvest and meeting space.  After the tour, everyone was paired in teams of two, and given the challenge of crafting floral arrangements inspired by Ecuadorian Landmarks like a Galapagos sunset and Coastal Rhythm. Under the expert guidance of designer Milton Albarracin, AIFD,  the florists worked reality TV-style, combining natural roses with our uniquely color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses for an exciting day of fun. 

As the creative juices flowed, our farm director, Juanita Coloma roamed the room, interviewing teams about their favorite flowers, quizzing them on varieties, and recapping Milton’s expert tips. It was a day filled with creativity, camaraderie, and a shared passion for flowers. Adding to the fun, the Jet Fresh Growers team showcased the marketing campaign of  “That Flower Feeling”, gifting aprons with the campaign’s logo to all participants. It was a perfect blend of floral fun and education.

Day 2: Designing Duos in the Quito Office

The excitement continued on the second day at the Jet Fresh Growers Quito office, where flower buyers joined Blooms & Cameras. This session offered buyers a firsthand glimpse into their clients’ experience working with our roses. They indulged in traditional Ecuadorian treats and, like the florists, were paired up for a design challenge that tested their creativity and skill. “It was fun to see our clients in a different environment and see them show off their creativity,” said Emilia Coloma.  

Handling the flowers themselves, the buyers gained a deeper appreciation for the stunning products they purchase and sell. It was an engaging, hands-on day that fostered a stronger connection between the buyers and the Jet Fresh Growers team.  

Growers Team in Action

Throughout the event, our Jet Fresh team was deeply involved. Special guests Carmen and Lily, who usually work in production, stepped into the spotlight. Their participation was a testament to our belief in connecting our team with clients and immersing them in the “That Flower Feeling” experience. Juanita Coloma, Farm Director, summed it up perfectly: “I need to have our team meet the clients, work with the flowers they help cultivate, and enjoy that Flower Feeling.”

“Blooms & Cameras” was more than just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the simple joy of working with flowers. We can’t wait to host more such events and continue sharing the beauty and inspiration that comes from our classic and colorful Roses. Click here to see our video Recap of Blooms & Cameras!

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