March is International Gerbera Month

March is International Gerbera Month!

All month-long, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is celebrating all things Gerbera Daisies and spreading the love for this cheerful, spring-favorite flower.

Available year-round, Gerbera Daisies come in unique variations that are perfect for weddings, events, retail and more. Jet Fresh Flower Distributors supplies wholesale Gerbera Daisies from Miami in standard and mini sizes, as well as the unique gerrondo/gerpom and spider Gerbera Daisies. 

Gerbera daisies from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors are grown by Rosa Flora Limited in Canada. Their state-of-the-art facility is committed to maintaining impeccable growing standards that are environmentally sustainable without sacrificing the quality and performance of their flowers. 

Gerbera Daisies from Rosa Flora Limited are greenhouse grown year-round and hand-picked daily. They’re produced in eco-friendly conditions using bio pest controls and recycled water; and are continuously hydrated from the moment of harvest with treated water for each specific crop.

Rosa Flora Limited’s flowers are cold-chain sustained from harvest to delivery. They arrive to us fresh in Miami without disrupting the temperature during transit improving their vase-life and performance. 

Gerbera Daisies from Rosa Flora Limited are also packaged upright and shipped in water buckets or pails.

The stems are supported by cards, with the blooms facing in the same direction for presentation and to prevent damage during transit. 

Every order includes a free bucket with water to also maintain hydration.

Types of Gerbera Daisies

Explore the different variations of Gerbera Daisies available in a wide range of colors for your floral needs. 

Standard Gerbera daisies

With over 60 varieties available, Standard Gerbera Daisies measure 40+ cm (15.7 in) in stem length with a 10+ cm (3.9 in) diameter bloom. Each bunch includes 10 stems per card, and has a 7-10 days vase life.

Mini Gerbera daisies

With over 50 varieties available, Mini Gerbera Daisies measure 40+ cm (15.7 in) stem length with a 6+ cm (2.4 in) diameter bloom. Each bunch includes 10 stems per card, and has a 10-14 days vase life.

Gerrondo/Gerpom Gerbera Daisies

With over 12 varieties available, Gerrondo/Gerpom Gerbera Daisies measure 35+ cm (13.7 in) in stem length with 6+ cm (2.4 in) diameter bloom. Each bunch includes 10 stems per card, and has 7-10 days vase life.

Spider Gerbera Daisies

With over 7 varieties available, Spider Gerbera Daisies measure  35+ cm (13.7 in) stem length and 10+ cm (3.9 in) diameter bloom. Each bunch includes 10 stems per card, and has a 10+ days vase life.

Fresh Videos

JFTV is full of videos featuring Gerbera Daisies from Rosa Flora Limited. Take a look for yourself and see why we’re so excited for International Gerbera Month! 

Rosa Flora Limited Variety Chart

The Rosa Flora Limited variety chart is jam-packed with Gerbera Daisies, as well as other flowers we carry from them. Click to view their 2020 poster.

Learn about the amazing deals available next month! Ask your sales rep how to begin ordering Rosa Flora Limited Canadian Gerbera Daisies from Miami. 

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  1. Mary Schussman says:

    The Gerber daisies are outstanding. What a beautiful spring arrangement they would make. I just love preserved flowers and to me it makes sense to use them in design when you want something that will last so long.

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