Intrigue Design 2024 – Stop 1

Jet Fresh Flowers proudly sponsors the Intrigue Teaches floral design workshops, the next few months we’ll be sharing insights into the flowers featured across the 7 stops of the tour. Sarah Campbell and the Intrigue Teaches team have curated unique locations, color palettes, and design styles for each stop. If we could give a name to this workshop we would name it “Sunset Sorbet” as it captured the warm, vibrant tones of peach, coral, hot pink, and bright pink.  

The tour kicked off in Sarasota at the Powell Crosley Estate, where our Assistant Sales Captain, Casey Black, made a special appearance to share the benefits of partnering with Jet Fresh Flowers. Here are some standout floral combinations and snapshots from Stop 1, where the Powell Crosley Estate had contrasting flowers and bright green greenery.

Building & Learning Together

On Day 2 of the workshop, attendees collaborated to metamorphose the venue. Harnessing over 90 lbs. of Smilax, they united to craft a Rapunzel-esque installation, weaving together their creativity and effort to bring a fairy tale-like ambiance to life. They used contrasting red Alstroemeria and clusters of hot pink and bright garden-like roses.

Utilizing the picturesque arches, stairs, and wooden accents of the venue. The attendees worked together to create a cascading garland that descended and added a touch of elegance and natural charm to the setting.

To achieve this look they bunched up Alstroemeria’s in shades of Hot Pink and Red. The bright orange roses were Jet Fresh Flower Growers Atomic and Full Monty for the Hot Pink.

The Curated Details

Bouquets, tables, and boutonnieres were adorned with a delicate selection of ranunculus, tulips, and sweet spray roses, infusing a sense of romance. Light pink bows gracefully adorned the candles and invitations, adding a subtle touch of trend to the decor. Contrasting with the light linen and table settings, the vibrant floral arrangements stood out. Each element contributed to a cohesive and enchanting ambiance, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

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