Next Gen LIVE – San Diego

The third annual Next Gen LIVE! conference, hosted by the Society of American Florists (SAF) in San Diego from February 25th to 27th, attracted 192 floral experts from the United States, Canada, Colombia, and Ecuador. This dynamic gathering spanned a day and a half, offering participants a unique platform for learning and networking. Tailored by and for emerging leaders in the floral sector, the event fostered a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange among attendees representing diverse segments of the industry. Jet Fresh Flower Distributors had a booth that featured DJ Fresh & the Floral Turntable, spinning tunes and showcasing our vibrant Jet Fresh Flower Growers rose varieties. With a mix of natural hues and our groovy Hippy Psychedelic Roses, the atmosphere was electric. Attendees grooved to Spotify codes highlighted on our Speaking Roses.

Jet Fresh Flowers has been a supporter of the conference from the very first year. Sponsoring the opening party & sending new Jet Fresh Team members every year. This year Emilia Coloma, our Marketing Manager from Jet Fresh Flower Growers and Connor Black joined in on the education, connection, and tours.

Education & Sharing

Our Marketing Director, Ryan Black, teamed up with Ellie LeFever of Flower Clique & Megan Gerace of Gravity Free to unleash productivity secrets by using Tech.  They gave pointers on how to increase productivity with apps like Trello, Canva, and Midjourney.   Ryan, gave a live demonstration on how to use Midjourney and created floral images on the spot. Our Co-Sales Captain, Casey, also participated in a discussion on building relationships and creating customer loyalty with Erik Hagstrom of Albin Hagstrom & Son and Irving Casiano of Flower Shop Network. Both sessions were filled with questions and great participation.

Flower Tours

On the last day, the group embarked on tours of several prominent floral operations in the San Diego area, including the International Floral Trade Center in Carlsbad, California, Kendall Farms in Fallbrook, California, and Mellano & Co. in Oceanside, California. These exclusive behind-the-scenes excursions provided valuable insights into the intricate workings of the floral market and highlighted innovative practices.

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