Petal it Forward 2023

Jet Fresh Flowers and Petal Productions, recently came together to participate in Society of American Florst’s joy-spreading event, Petal It Forward. This annual event involved 580 floral businesses in all 50 states and six countries. It is a remarkable goodwill initiative that aims to brighten people’s days with the simple gift of flowers. The purpose is to bring awareness to the  scientifically proven facts that flowers help reduce stress and stimulate positive emotions.

Both teams met up in Downtown Miami and set up by the busy Government Center Train Station. The location was chosen as it is frequented by students, hospital staff, and professionals on their way to work. We unloaded 8 pallets of colorful bouquets. Each bouquet had a tag that explained Petal it Forward.

The idea is to hand two beautiful bouquets to unsuspecting strangers, encouraging them to keep one and share the other with someone else. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate the profound positive impact that giving and receiving flowers can have on our well-being. We explained the scientific facts that flowers provide incredible benefits on our mental and emotional health. The act of giving and receiving flowers goes beyond mere aesthetics; it touches the core of our well-being. It’s a reminder that small acts of kindness can have an extraordinary ripple effect in our lives.

Spreading Smiles

Initially, there was some confusion in the air as people wondered why we were giving away something so beautiful for free. However, within a matter of minutes, the scene transformed dramatically. We witnessed an outpouring of gratitude and heartfelt appreciation from those who received our flowers, with hugs, smiles, and heartfelt “thank you”s.

The spirit of generosity quickly caught on, as people started sending their friends to join in on this heartwarming experience. We decided to spread the joy even further, reaching out to bus drivers and city employees, making sure that no one in the area missed out on the simple but powerful happiness that a bouquet of flowers can bring. Check out our video recap HERE!

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