Farm Fresh Friday – New Greenhouse Construction at Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Happy Farm Fresh Friday! This week we have a fresh update from the farm. Since the temperatures have dropped this month, our team has been very busy continuing the build of our brand-new greenhouse.

Soon to be the twelfth greenhouse to produce quality roses on our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers in Cotopaxi, Ecuador, the team has been initializing the framework and have begun cementing new poles on the field.

Greenhouse Construction

In order to begin cementing poles into the ground, the area was first mapped out and set using strings to create an invisible fence, mapping out where the holes are to be dug.

The holes are filled with a mixture of water, cement and stones. As the holes are filled with cement, rocks are laid inside to fill in space and to promote drying attaching to the cement. Coordinating layers of cement and rocks are continuously added until the holes are filled, creating a very sturdy foundation.

It’s important that the poles are properly aligned in-accordance to the strings to ensure that they dry and harden in the proper direction. Once it’s been properly checked, more cement and dry dirt are added and then stirred to ensure all parts are well-mixed.

Sandy Update

Last week we planted the new variety, “Sandy” on our rose farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. In last week’s Farm Fresh Friday, we bud grafted the new variety which has been attached with parafilm to be dissolved. Take a close look at the root from its current stage from the farm.

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