JFTV: Wedding Mix Premium Assorted Rose Packs (2019) with Celine

Our “Wedding Mix” Premium Assorted Rose Packs have an all-new 2019 update featuring popular wedding roses available at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

There are three unique Wedding Mixes which feature rose varieties that are highly sought-after by florists and event planners. These mixes include popular white and neutral wedding roses as well as focal colors.

In this new episode of JFTV, Celine, our Senior Account Sales Rep, unboxes our three quarter-box mixes featuring three new assorted mixes of premium-quality Ecuadorian-grown roses perfect for weddings, events and more.


Wedding Mix Premium Assorted Rose Packs

Take a closer look at the varieties in our three different Wedding Mix Assorted Rose Packs. Each of these rose varieties, and more are all available year-round in single variety boxes at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, or in these premium wedding mixed boxes. Explore all the great color options available in each mixed box, and contact your sales rep to test-drive a box today.

Wedding Mix A

Wedding Mix A includes 150 stems (x6 bunches of x25 stems) featuring the following roses: Orange Crush, Escimo, Mondial, Pink Floyd, Sahara & Vendela.

Wedding Mix B

Wedding Mix B includes 150 stems (x6 bunches of x25 stems) featuring Black Magic, Grey Knights, Mother of Pearl, Nena, Sahara & Vendela.

Wedding Mix C

And Wedding Mix C has 125 stems (x5 bunches of x25 stems) featuring Amnesia, Amsterdam, Hearts, Quicksand & Tibet.


Wedding Mix Premium Assorted Rose Packs are available year-round. Test-drive all three wholesale wedding rose packs at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors and explore all the different wholesale and design possibilities.

These assorted mixes include a great variety of well-known premium Ecuadorian roses that are perfect for Valentine’s Day as well as wedding and events.

Don’t miss out in this great deal and start ordering for the holiday season today. Contact our sales team at Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com to learn more information or to set up a new account.

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