Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Says No Mafia Surcharges

Valentine’s Day is almost a week away, and in case you’re wondering from where you should buy your flowers, you should strongly consider Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. During one of the biggest flower holidays of the year, where prices are known for increasing due to extreme demand, Jet Fresh does not charge any mafia-like surcharges on your flowers for the holidays.

When you order from the Jet, you won’t find any extra quarter-box charges. And we won’t charge a cent on your weekly standing orders. In fact, it pays to have a standing order placed with us because you have the option of doubling them, when applicable. Ask your sales rep for more information and save today!

Mafia Warnings

In case you’re not convinced, we have special messages from our Mafioso friends warning you not to pay extra mafia surcharges. Check out all our Mafia video on JFTV.

Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro wants you to avoid spending extra on your flowers for the holiday. In fact, he’s quite upset about it. Don’t pay extra surcharges. He’s watching you..

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano is refusing to pay for any mafia surcharges on flowers for the holidays. He knows Jet Fresh has his back on his quarter-box orders and anything else he needs this Valentine’s Day season.

The Godfather

The Godfather, on the other hand, has a very different point-of-view about surcharges on flowers for the holidays. While we’re refusing to collect mafia surcharges on your flowers for the holiday, the Godfather is on the defense. But you can decide where to spend.

Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci agrees you shouldn’t pay extra mafia surcharges on flowers for the holidays, and he has a message for those who do. This is no laughing matter.

JFTV: No Holiday Surcharges Playlist

Want more Mafia videos? Check out our whole playlist and avoid paying extra Mafia surcharges today! Contact us at or (305) 499-9144.

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