Takashi Murakami Preserved Rose Flower Tribute

Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami’s flowers are his most recognizable motif. With twelve petals and a bright, beaming smile, this daisy flower design has been featured everywhere from the Versailles Palace to Vans sneakers.” Artsy

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors made a special floral tribute to Takashi Murakami using only preserved roses commemorating this popular graphic design that celebrates flowers and the happy feelings they evoke.

Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors are perfect for creating longer lasting floral arrangements because they don’t require any water. Structures are much more travel-friendly and weigh far less compared to real flowers.

There was no trouble replicating this colorful floral design using preserved roses. Rose Amor has a wide selection of colors and varieties that makes it easy to achieve the unthinkable using real flowers. Contact your Jet Fresh sales rep to learn about preserved roses.

With just a hot glue gun, the preserved roses attached easily to a 36-inch cardboard that held the entire structure.

They started by first creating a black outline using warmi-sized roses that are shorter, and about the size of regular spray roses. The subtle black outline helped create dimension and made the colors stand out more vividly with jus enough separation.

In each petal alone, there’s approximately 6-10 Large preserved roses, and 10-14 Warmi preserved roses, respectively. The Warmi roses were raised to lay flush with the Larges using 1/2-inch PVC caps.

The smiley face, which is also 17 inches, contains 65 red warmi roses in the mouth, alone.

JFTV: Takashi Murakami Preserved Roses Flower Tribute

Enjoy a fresh time-lapse of our Takashi Murakami flower tribute made by Ryan and Ellie.

Click here to learn more about preserved flowers.

Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami’s flowers are celebrated for their display of joy and innocence. The Japanese artist’s fascination with flowers began when he worked as a school teacher in the 1980s. Every other day, the artist would buy fresh blooms for his students to practice drawing. After repeating this lesson plan for nine years, he found himself enchanted by the individual personalities of flowers.” Artsy

” ‘The Warhol of Japan’— Takashi Murakami is known for his contemporary Pop synthesis of fine art and popular culture, particularly his use of a boldly graphic and colorful anime and manga cartoon style.

Murakami became famous in the 1990s for his “Superflat” theory and for organizing the paradigmatic exhibition of that title, which linked the origins of contemporary Japanese visual culture to historical Japanese art.” Artsy

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