Floral Encounter Conference 2021 & Jet Fresh Scholarship Giveaway

The time has come to announce the Floral Encounter Conference 2021 in Charleston, S.C. Jet Fresh is proudly returning to supply all the flowers for the event, and we have a special gift for one customer who would like to attend March 8th – 10th. From now until February 12, 2021, enter for a chance to win a spot at this exciting floral conference featuring an all-star lineup of talented floral designers.

Presented by Michelle Summers of Your Signature Designs, Summers is uniting the  industry’s top floral designers for a 3-day floral workshop. We’re excited to announce this year’s conference headliner is globally celebrated designer, Preston Bailey; alongside Javier Valentino, Sarah Campbell-Anglers of Intrigue Designs and Bron Hansboro aka The Flower Guy Bron. 

Requirements: This scholarship, open exclusively to Jet Fresh customers, includes entry into the 3-day workshop plus materials. All entries must be able to provide their own transportation and accommodations.

All the paid spots are already filled. So you’ll want to enter for a chance to win our scholarship! Deadline to enter is Feb 12, 2021. Winner will be announced on February 13, 2021.

COVID-19 health regulations will be enforced. Face masks are required to wear at all times. Please be responsible and travel at your own risk.

Enter Now

The Floral Encounter Conference 2020 Highlights

Schedule of Events

Times TBD

March 8th

Michelle Summers , Your Signature Designs 

Bron Hansboro, Flower Guy Bron 

More to Be Announced

Hands on workshops

March 9th

Michelle Summers, Your Signature Designs

Sarah Campbell-Angers, Intrigue Teaches

Javier Valentino, Javier Valentino Designs

Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey Designs

Hands on Demo

March 10th

Preston Bailey, Preston Bailey Designs

Sarah Campbell-Angers

Bron Hansboro

Michelle Summers

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