Jet Fresh Flower’s Futuristic Flower Booth at International Floriculture Expo 2021

The International Floriculture Expo 2021 returned to the Miami Beach Convention Center September 16-18. Jet Fresh Flower Distributors unveiled a fresh booth display transforming attendees to the future of wholesale flowers.

Our sci-fi themed floral booth featured an interpreation of floral trade shows in the future. Our live testing ground featured a science fiction lab environment from the floor, up with interactive details using flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.  This concept was brought to life with the help of our friends, Petal Productions in Miami who transformed our booth with their amazing floral designs and hard goods. 

Inside the Booth

The concept of our booth was to create a futuristic flower booth that embodied science fiction. We repurposed our gumball machine from our candy themed booth, displayed at the 2019 International Floriculture Expo, and converted it into a giant terrarium filled with fresh flowers and LED lights inside. 

The story continues as the external hoses connected to our biophillic backdrop signifying the energy that’s being transferred into the terraium to keep it alive.

Throughout the booth carries on the story of our futuristic testing grounds with floral details that are meant for observation as we display the performance of our natural and preserved flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors; and natural and color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses from our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers. 

Our Hippy Psychedelic Roses were on a rotating display appearing to be tube-fed with green Jet Fresh water giivng off it’s amazing color-enhanced abilities. Alongside it were our roses from Jet Fresh Flower Growers which brought the farm into the trade show booth signifying the futuristic growing abilities of indoor farming. But that’s not all, real selenite sticks supplied the roses with positive energy using its natural abilities. 

Last but not least, over 150 acrylic preserved roses were used to create a table for our sci-fi preserved flower designs. We love how the roses float inside the cubes carrying that repetition throughout. 

JFTV: International Floriculture Expo 2021 Jet Fresh Flowers Futuristic Booth Walkthrough

In this episode of #JFTV, join Celine and Ashley at the 2021 International Floriculture Expo in Miami Beach, FL as a they give a full walk-through from inside our futuristic flower booth. Uncover all the special details inside featuring our flowers.

JFTV: IFE 2021 Jet Fresh Flowers Futuristic Flowers Booth Highlight Reel

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