Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Celebrates Ten Years Of Non-Stop Service

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors Celebrates Ten Years Of Non-Stop Service

On January 18, 2018 Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Inc. reached a new milestone when we celebrated our tenth anniversary as a family-owned and operated wholesale flower importer and distributor in Miami, Fla.

Our team celebrated the decade-long success at our Miami office with a surprise three-person drumline performance by Stryke Miami, the drumline for the Miami Football Club. The all-male drumline performed songs that hyped up the office, and got everyone on their feet for their anniversary celebration.

“We’re so glad we had Stryke for our tenth anniversary performance,” said Ryan Black, marketing director of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. “We love celebrating loudly, and these guys really brought the noise for our special event.”

There was a Jet Fresh Flowers two-tier cake decorated in fondant with a globe and jet plan to resemble the company’s logo, along with a large number ten on the top of the cake to commemorate the years which Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has been in business.

Jet Fresh Flower Highlights

Brief History

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has distributed fresh-cut, wholesale flowers nationwide from Miami since 2008. As the company grew, our distribution did, too; supplying fresh-cut flowers, greenery and preserved flowers from over 100 different farms worldwide, including U.S.-grown.

Established in 2008 by Michael Black, president of Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, the company was built with the intention of forming long-lasting, quality relationships that will help make the flower industry grow. Black, 3rd generation, gained experience working in the flower industry with his family, as well as New York City’s 28th Street Flower Market. He has managed different aspects within the industry from wholesale, bouquets and mass market that has helped Jet Fresh thrive with his knowledge and insight.

In 2017, we expanded our catalog of fresh-cut roses with the launch of Roses With Altitude, premium-cut Ecuadorian roses grown 3,200 meters high on a boutique farm near the Cayambe volcano: Ecuador’s third highest mountain and the coldest location on the equator. Roses With Altitude has a longer production value because of the natural, year-round lighting which limits the use of artificial light while the sunlight intensifies rose petals with contrasting hues and bi-colors, and packs the roses with larger heads and thicker stems and foliage.

Throughout the years, Jet Fresh Flowers Distributors has also released exclusive products that promote quality and freshness supporting the wholesale flower industry. From “Wetter Is Better Wet Pax,” fresh-cut flowers transported in water for continuous hydration, to “Ultra Pax,” our upright, protected packaging hampers, Jet Fresh Flowers looks for innovative flower packing methods that’s beneficial for shipping and flower performance. These packages allow our flowers to have more room upon delivery to prevent damage and to promote better performance.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors expanded throughout the years as Black’s family members also joined the company. The 4th generation of the flower industry has contributed greatly to their family’s business by successfully producing fresh content and marketing methods which have given the importer and distributor a marketing edge, and greater exposure within the flower industry.

The Jet Fresh TV YouTube channel has made the Top 100 Flower Blogs and Websites for Florists, according to Feedspot, and the Name That Rose mobile application, played worldwide, is changing the way we learn and identify new rose varieties through the use of gamification: the process of taking traditional content and integrating it with game mechanics.

What’s New?

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is continuing to expand our sales channels following the development of such programs such as Jet Fresh Global Trading, our farm-direct, brokerage buying method located in our new office in Quito, Ecuador. As well as promoting K2K, the Komet Sales flower e-commerce which allows Jet Fresh’s customers to sell their inventory directly to their customers while they order anonymously. These new methods keep Jet Fresh Flowers at the forefront in order to stay relevant and inspired in this ever-changing market.

“Stay tuned for what’s coming,” said Ryan Black. “We can’t wait to see where the new year takes us, and we thank everyone for all the love and support.”

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