Jet Fresh Flowers Proudly Presents: Roses With Altitude

Jet Fresh Flowers Proudly Presents: Roses With Altitude

3,200 meters above sea level, located at the outskirts of the Cayambe village in Ecuador, lies the highest roses around.

Roses With Altitude, inspired by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, is a brand-new boutique farm growing premium-quality roses near the Cayambe volcano: Ecuador’s 3rd highest mountain and the coldest place on the equator.

Bred at much higher altitude than most roses, Roses With Altitude are packed with longer stems, larger heads (buttons) and thicker foliage. The altitude not only greatly improves the roses’ quality, but also extends its cultivation period.

White “Mondial” Rose at the Roses With Altitude farm in Cayambe, Ecuador

“Roses grown at high altitude have a much longer growing cycle than those cultivated at sea level, up to 15 weeks as opposed to eight, so it is perfect for long-stemmed varieties with big heads,” said Ad van Rooijen, research and development manager at the Dutch floriculture multinational De Ruiter.

Although most Ecuadorian roses are cultivated at an altitude of between 2,800 and 3,000 meters, according to Financial Times​, Roses With Altitude will have longer production value because of its prime location 3,200 meters high.

According to Rooijen, “The real advantage is that you get natural light all year round, so you can grow in winter and don’t have to use a lot of artificial illumination.”

These resilient roses experience intense light all year-round which greatly enhance the color of the petals.

“The cold nights mean that you get a lot of bi-colors, with contrasting hues on the edges and the insides of petals, which are very sought after in certain markets,” said Rooijen.

Roses With Altitude produces many rose varieties including: Cherry Oh, Freedom, Mondial, Santana, Señorita and Tara. Coming summer 2018, RWA will also include: Amnesia, Blueberry, Brighton, Explorer, Free Spirit, Geraldine, Nena, Pink Floyd, Sweet Escimo, Frutetto, Pink Mondial and Tibet.

About the farm

Roses With Altitude grows on virgin black soil that’s native to its area. This soil is enriched with both nitrogen and potassium that help extend the vase life of the roses. The soil is also capable of maintaining its nutrients and humidity because it isn’t sandy, nor does it contain any pebbles or debris, either. As a matter of fact, half of its nutrients come naturally from organic material which significantly reduces the use of chemical fertilizers.

At this boutique farm, quality is never sacrificed. Roses With Altitude pays much more attention to detail, thanks in large part to the passionate and dedicated families that work together to form this efficient operation and produce premium roses.

“The quality of our flowers are grown with [the] families effort, located around the area. The flowers represent the union and the hard work of one big family, that works every day to get [the] best quality flowers. Customers can trust that our flowers have great quality and great people behind them,” said Melisa Fuenmayor, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Everyone knows that quality is better than quantity. So if you’re looking for a huge farm, then Roses With Altitude isn’t for you.

“I feel the farm is our partner. We both believe in our product, our big buttons, long stems and of course, our people that grows them. It is a product to [be] impressed with, not only by its beauty, but by its heart,” said Maria Jose Flores, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

To order Roses With Altitude, please contact our Jet Fresh sales team at (305) 499-9144  or For farm-direct options, please reach out to our Jet Fresh Global Trading team.


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