JFTV: French-Grown Peonies Spotlight

It’s French peony season which means Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has a French-grown peonies available for wholesale and special events.

In an all-new episode of JFTV, Mike takes us on a tour of five different French-grown peony boxes flying at the Jet from Italy: Coral Sunset, Coral Charm, Hawaiian Coral, Pecher and Odile. Take a closer look at these 50-stem boxes in our French-grown peony spotlight.

JFTV: French Peony Spotlight with Mike

Our wholesale French-Grown peonies are currently arriving from both Italy and Holland, and are packed with either 50 or 80 stems for your wholesale flower needs. Take a further look at the French-grown peony varieties available at Jet Fresh Flowers.

French-Grown Peony Varieties

Coral Charm Peonies

Hawaiian Coral Peonies

Mons Jules Elie Peonies

Odile Peonies

Coral Sunset Peonies

Pecher Peonies

Coral Color Comparison

Coral is one of the most popular peony colors on the market, and there’s no surprise why. As a personal favorite of mine, Coral is the perfect blend of hot pink with salmon-peach tones that complement many different colors. This highly sought-after flower is perfect for weddings and events, and is one of the most coveted colors for spring. Check out our French coral peonies to compare how these varieties look next to one another.

To order French-grown peonies from Jet Fresh Flowers, please contact Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com.

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