JFTV: Israeli-Grown Flowers Spotlight

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors proudly presents a new episode of JFTV featuring a special presentation of Israeli-grown flowers.

Join Mike as he unboxes 7 fresh products straight from the farms in Israel including Lisianthus, Cirsium, Tweedia, Veronica, Phlox, Raffines Dianthus and Larkspur. These flowers and more are available for wholesale and special events from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors located in Miami, FL. Check it out!

JFTV: Israeli-Grown Flowers Spotlight with Mike

About the Farms

Many of these Israeli flower farms are small family growers that are supported by the Ministry of Agriculture to improve farming conditions, including the sanitary process.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, “the Agricultural Research Administration engages in the development of disease- and pest-resistant strains and modern storage methods suitable for agricultural exports. The Plant Protection and Control Division is also responsible for preventing future blights, or plant disease, by monitoring imports and quarantining plants, as well as issuing health certificates for agricultural exports.”

Did you see any flowers that you like? Let’s take a closer look at the Israeli-grown flowers arriving bi-weekly at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Jumbo Lisianthus

Israeli-grown Jumbo Lisianthus come in a range of solid and bi-color varieties measuring 70cm long, as well as Jumbo Double Eliza Lisianthus at 80cm. Check them out!

Israeli Jumbo Assorted Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Assorted Eliza Lisianthus 80cm
Israeli Jumbo Green Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Pink/White Bi-color Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Purple/White Bi-color Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Buttercream Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Pink Double Eliza Lisianthus 80cm
Israeli Jumbo Purple Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo White Lisianthus 70cm
Israeli Jumbo Hot Pink Lisianthus 70cm


Israeli-grown Cirsium, also known as a thistle, is unique filler flower available in Pink and Purple/Lavender measuring 70cm long.


Israeli-grown Tweedia is such a lovely flower with petite petals that are available in Blue and White measuring 50cm long.


Israeli-grown Veronica, also called Speedwell, is a long-spiked filler flower with tiny clusters of flowers available in Pink, White or Purple measuring 70cm long.


Israeli-grown Phlox is another whimsical flower variety with star-shaped petals that will continue to bloom in use. Available in Blue, Pink and White, these flowers measure 70cm long.

Raffines Dianthus

Israeli-grown Raffines Dianthus is a beautiful series of novelty Dianthus that come in both standard 50cm and petite varieties. The colors in this series are complementary and perfectly event-friendly. Ask your sales rep about any of these varieties today!

Israeli Assorted Raffines Dianthus
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Thia"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Petite Faye"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Pia"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Milou"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Luce"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Petite Lois"
Israeli Raffines Dianthus "Petite Odile"

For information and pricing on our Israeli-grown flowers and more, please contact Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com.

For global-trading, farm-direct and international ordering, please contact SalesGlobal1@JetFreshFlowers.com.

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    • Ashley says:

      Hi D! Thank you so much for your interest in our peonies for March. Depending on which country they are available from that season, the quantities will vary, but a sales rep can help you closer to your event date. Please contact us at Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com.

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Godfrey!
      Thank you so much for your interest in our flowers.
      A member of our sales team will contact you by email.
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  1. Joost Klaare says:

    I’m a wholesaler in Louisiana and am looking to source Lisianthus, mini variegated pit, Tweedia and some other products from Israel.

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