Blushing Bridal #FreshInspiration by Olga Ramirez AIFD, CFD

Our talented Cash and Carry sales manager, and in-house floral designer Olga Ramirez AIFD, CFD is back with a blushing bridal #FreshInspiration to keep you inspired for wedding season. Olga created a beautiful bridal palette using fresh-cut light pink, white and green flowers — all from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami, FL.

The assortment chosen in this bouquet feature an elegant mixture of high-end flowers, including David Austin® and Wabara® series garden roses from our friends at Alexandra Farms. The cupped rosette garden roses paired with textural fillers created a whimsical essence thats both unique yet bridal. However, Olga’s use of gibbaeum in this bouquet is, perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the arrangement. Rather than using leafy greens as fillers, and to add weight to the bouquet, she allowed the gibbaeum to hang as well as fill inside the bouquet for completely custom design.

Focal Flowers

Garden Roses

Wabara® series Tsumugi™ and David Austin® Patience™ have both graced us with their luxurious garden presence in this arrangement. Both of these fragrant garden roses have similar cupped-rosette shapes which complement each other as coordinating focal flowers. 

The Wabara® series garden roses from Alexandra Farms is a new line of high-end Japanese garden roses originally bred in Kyoto. Tsumugi™ is an incredible light pink variety that performs beautifully with a large head size and a long vase-life. See even more #FreshInspiration using Tsumugi™ here

David Austin® English garden roses from Alexandra Farms are highly sought after for weddings and events. Patience™ is a very popular garden rose variety for its lovely ivory shade and strong, clean fragrance. 

The bride’s personality was well-captured in her photos as well as her bridal bouquet. The high-end filler flowers in this arrangement are light and feathery with small bursts of color to capture the excitement on her big day.

Filler Flowers

Blushing Bride Protea

Blushing Bride Protea is seasonal flower that gets its name from its beautiful blush-colored center. The pointed petals range in shades from snowy white, ivory, cream as well as small hints of pale pink which coordinate perfectly with the light pink and cream garden roses.

Dutch Filler Flowers

Olga achieved great color and texture in this bouquet by incorporating light filler flowers from Holland. Pink “Erika” Astilbe and “Sirius Questar” Eryngium are both from the motherland and were added in the arrangement as extra hints of pink and green without overpowering the garden roses and blushing bride protea.


Last but certainly not least, Olga completed this blushing bridal bouquet using medium-sized gibbaeum from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. As a substitute for greenery, she incorporated gibbaeum throughout the bouquet as well as the bottom of the arrangement to make the bouquet appear fuller. Olga wanted to use gibbaeum instead of greens because it’s not a filler she sees often. The green color of the gibbaeum is complementary to the pink and ivory shades, and altogether, makes the bouquet look different from anything we’ve seen lately.



Special thanks to:

Floral design by Olga Ramirez, AIFD, CFD

Photography by Vincent Photographic

Flowers provided by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors

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