Fall #FreshInspiration Floral Design by Ryan Black

Jet Fresh is back with another Fall #FreshInspiration floral design using only fresh-cut flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Our marketing director, Ryan Black designed a tall floral centerpiece taking bunches from our cash and carry to create a fall-inspired arrangement that’s perfect for autumn.

This fall-inspired bouquet features a great assortment of focal and filler flowers arranged in a way that’s playful and full of movement using seasonal accents.

Fall Fresh Flowers

From roses and mums, to carnations and calla lilies, this fall-inspired centerpiece is filled with many kinds of fresh flowers to keep you inspired this fall season.

This fall bouquet is full of warm, sunset tones which allow “Golden Mustard” roses to stand out beautifully. These special event roses gleam with their unique shades of golden-peach which softens this traditional fall color palette.

“Red Rover” Mums are a terrific contrast for the “Golden Mustard” roses, and a great design choice for fall. “Red Rover” Mums have beautiful bronze petals which are very popular this season and include a bright yellow center that coordinates with other fall flowers.

Here we have another great floral contrast with Canations, available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors: “Tangelo” and “Apple Tea.”

“Tangelo” Carnations have a beautiful shade of terra cotta orange which lightens over time. Whereas, “Apple Tea” Carnations are a peachy cream variety with scattered pink striations. Altogether, they form a nice blend of orange and peach tones which complement each other very nicely.

Fresh Filler Flowers

It’s all about the details in this arrangement. The additonal filler flowers really give this bouquet a lovely fall mixture creating great floral inspiration for fall.

“Captain Safari” Mini Calla Lilies are scattered throughout the arrangement and can be seen hanging, offering a slight cascade for added movement.

Clusters of “Tic Tac” Fillerpoms, accompanied by “Amber Elite” Hypericum berries also fill the arrangement, creating more yellow tones that play really well with the Red Rover Mums.

Finishing Touches

Last but not least, Ryan incorporated festive fall elements to give this bouquet a fun, seasonal feel.

Florists as well as witches are going to love our Broom Corn filler flowers which hang beautifully over the arrangement. Ryan really achieved great movement with these stems that sway in the wind.

Also, our adorable Tree Pumpkins stand tall in this arrangement giving extra support to the Broom Corn. Tree Pumpkins feature adorable little pumpkins in various sizes adorned along the stems.

Fall Fresh Flowers

Check out the full list of bouquet ingredients here. Each of these flowers and more are available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Contact us at Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com

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