Alexandra Farms Garden Rose Sample Showcase

Alexandra Farms presented us with a sample showcase of their newer high-end garden roses available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Many of the varieties in this showcase are already available to order from their farm with several new varieties coming soon for late 2018/early 2019.

Alexandra Farms is a world-renowned grower of top garden roses sought-after by designers worldwide. Florists and event planners have decorated events with the extravagant elegance found in Alexandra Farms’ high-end garden roses. 

Many of these garden roses have a unique garden fragrance that smell amazing — transforming weddings and events into a memorable affair. And they produce over 60 varieties of garden roses, each with their own unique identity.

Alexandra Farms’ “Princess” Series Garden Roses

The Alexandra Farms’ “Princess” series garden roses feature a gorgeous collection bred for the emperor of Japan. These garden roses come in beautiful colors that are timeless focal flowers for weddings and events.

Princess Aiko (Beloved) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Maya (Night Rain) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Kishi (Long and Happy Life) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Miyuki (First Snow) – Fragrant Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Sakura (Cherry Blossom) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Suki (Loved One) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Hitomi (NEW) – Japanese Garden Rose

Princess Meiko (NEW) – Japanese Garden Rose

Alexandra Farms’ Garden Roses

Along with the Japanese “Princess” series garden roses, Alexandra Farms included other newer varieties as well as favorites available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Pink Fragrance – Fragrant Garden Roses

Cream Fragrance – Fragrant Garden Rose

Mayra’s White- Fragrant Mayra’s Series Garden Rose

Austalen (NEW) – Deluxe Garden Rose

Ausdevelop (NEW) – Deluxe Garden Rose

Tsumugi – “Wabara” Series Garden Rose

JFTV: Jason Knows Flowers??? Alexandra Farms Garden Roses

Our Traffic Manager, Jason is back with a brand-new episode of JFTV presents: Jason Knows Flowers???? A Traffic Manager’s Perspective featuring Alexandra Farms’ Garden Roses.

This week’s episode includes a gorgeous collection of garden roses from various series available from Alexandra Farms. This sample showcase includes varieties from their “Princess” series, as well as some of their newer garden roses.

How to Order

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors supplies high-quality garden roses from Alexandra Farms. We can fulfill standing orders as well as orders for special events.

Ask our sales team about packing options available from Alexandra Farms in dry boxes as well as “Wetter is Better” Wet Pack Proconas.

Contact us at today at

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