Jet Fresh Flower’s DIY Preserved Rose Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer

For October’s breast cancer awareness month, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors made a large pink ribbon covered in pink preserved roses. Graciously donated by Rose Amor, we designed a simple DIY preserved rose pink ribbon to help raise awareness and proceeds for breast cancer.

Preserved Roses

This custom pink ribbon measures about 4 feet tall and is made out of a durable styrofoam material. The preserved roses are all from Rose Amor and they come in various sizes and shades of pink for extra dimension. From garden roses to bi-colors, each of these preserved roses are available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami.

These roses were all attached simply using a hot glue gun. Make sure you allow the rose to dry for a moment before releasing from your hand.

More Than Pink Flower Shop

The pink ribbon will be featured at the More Than Pink Flower Shop event at the Dadeland Mall in Miami, October 20, 2018. Supporting Susan G. Komen’s Miami and Fort Lauderdale chapter, people can donate $10 to design their own floral bouquet using flowers donated by Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Click here for information.

Last May we sponsored the Mother’s Day More Than Pink event which had great success, featuring our giant “Mom” sign, also made with preserved roses. Click for highlights.

Thank you, Rose Amor!

Thanks, again to Rose Amor for supplying us with these beautiful pink preserved roses to support a great cause.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is still collecting proceeds from pink flower sales in October in support of our initiative, Blooms for Blooms.

To order preserved roses, check out our preserved flower brochure. Contact us at

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