Jet Fresh Flowers Presents Living In Color at World Floral Expo 2019

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This year, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors went with a bigger display for World Floral Expo 2019 in Dallas bringing flowers into our home with colorful floral exhibit titled “Living in Color.”

“Living In Color” demonstrates how different colors convey different emotions that are well-suited in various parts of our homes. Whether you seek tranquility or motivation, color can be used in many different ways to influence how we feel and live in color.

Our “Living In Color” exhibit, which debuted at World Floral Expo 2019 in Dallas, Texas, consisted of four different monochromatic rooms: pink bedroom, yellow kitchen, blue bathroom and a green study. Each room contains that specific color and is decorated using fresh-cut flowers and preserved flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

The World Floral Expo is an International Floriculture Trade Fair for professionals in the industry including but not limited to Flower Breeders, Flower Growers, Flower Importers/Exporters, Florist Wholesalers, Florist Retailers (Chains), Press, Magazines and more. Each year we participate, debuting a different theme to draw visitors in. “Living In Color” allowed us to connect with a display that was colorful and interactive. 

Each room in our “Living In Color” exhibit was designed in-house by our Jet Fresh marketing team, and features fresh floral designs by our cash and carry manager and in-house floral designer, Olga Ramirez, AIFD, CFD.

All of the flowers selected in this display are available from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami, Fla. They feature fresh-cut flowers and greenery from around the world, including hydrangea from Flores del Este as well as roses from our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.


Pink is a fun-loving hue that’s a mixture of red with white. This popular color gets its passion and energy from red, and its peace and tranquility from white; together, creating an optimistic response that’s compassionate and uplifting.

Pink is the perfect color for a child’s bedroom to explore design’s youthful side. It’s nurturing, calming and helps reduces aggression; while adding a with playful element that’s both friendly and excitable.

The flowers used in this bedroom include Hot Pink “Piano” Garden Roses, White (Spray Painted) XL Flores Del Este Hydrangea, “Pink Floyd” Roses from Roses With Altitude, “Cherry Oh” Roses from Jet Fresh Flower Growers, “Mika” Spray Roses, “Raspberry Scoop” Scabiosa, “Hot Pink Mayra” Garden Roses, Hot Pink Ranunculus, Hot Pink Kalanchoe and Hot Pink Carnations.

Hot Pink Preserved Roses were also used inside the gumball machine and box frame.


Yellow is an attention-grabbing color that elicits a mental response. This bright color is often associated with the sun, representing energy and warmth, and increasing mental activity and muscle energy. Yellow is an optimistic color that enhances vision, and helps the mind see more clearly aiding in decision-making. Yellow is also a defensive color that’s often used for safety warnings.

We made our kitchen the yellow room because this is where we gain our energy to start our day on the right foot. Filled with fresh possibilities, the kitchen is a room where ideas and creativity thrive. But be careful near sharp or burning objects!

The flowers used in this kitchen include Yellow Cymbidium Orchids, Yellow Disbuds, Yellow Gerberas, White Spray Painted Flores Del Este Hydrangea, Mimosa Acacia, “Lighthouse” Roses, Yellow Tulips, Yellow Snap Dragons, Yellow Gladiolas, Yellow Clooney Ranunculus, Yellow Pin Cushion Protea and Yellow “Babe” Spray Roses.

Yellow Preserved Roses were also used inside the coffee pot.


Blue, the color of the sky and sea, has a very calming effect on the body and mind.  It seeks peace and tranquility while also promoting physical and mental relaxation. Blue is an idealistic color, that enhances self-expression and our ability to communicate our needs and wants.

We turned our blue room into a bathroom for being closely related to water and cleanliness.  This wash room also cleanses our minds making us feel fresh and renewed. The bathroom is where we go, not just for privacy, but for personal self-reflection in an environment that feels safe and trusting.

The flowers used in this bathroom include Dark Blue Airbrushed Color-Enhanced Roses, Blue Color-Enhanced Carnations, Blue Spray Painted Cymbidium Orchids, Blue “Curacao” Flores Del Este Hydrangea and XL Blue Delphinium.


Green is the ultimate color for life. It embodies the essence of nature in terms of growth and freshness with an ambitious spirit that’s motivating and hopeful. Green is a dominant color that’s relaxing to the human eye; having a soothing effect that helps cope with anxiety and nervousness, while promoting concentration.

We made our study the green room because it’s the room that seeks our greatest potential, and inspires creativity and growth mentally and financially.  Green is the color for new possibilities and beginnings, and it’s a mental healer for recharging your batteries.

The flowers used in our study include Dark Green Cymbidium Orchids, Green Disbuds, “Matcha” Flores Del Este Hydrangea, “Bamboo” Coco Hypericum, XL Monstera, “Super Green” Roses, Green “Jade” Trachelium, “Long-Ass” Hanging Amaranthus, “Lady In-Green” Dianthus, Jumbo Green Lisianthus, and Assorted Tropical Greens and Italian Ruscus.


A big thanks to Olga for creating these beautiful flower arrangements, and for making our vision come to life. We couldn’t have done it without her.

We invite you to take a closer look at our display at the 2019 World Floral Expo in Dallas, TX. The theme we designed…

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