Jet Fresh Flower Growers Farm Fresh Friday March Recap

Happy Farm Fresh Friday! It’s been about a month since our last update from our farm’s 1-year anniversary celebration, and we have several great updates we’re happy to share.

Along with fresh updates on our new rose varieties, this month we’ve also given back to our team members to show our appreciation for the incredible work they do every day.

Eye Exams

Recently we had a team of optometrists come to our farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador and administer eye exams to our staff. Those who needed glasses were prescribed and soon 18 people were given glasses that which they received our financial assistance.

We’re very proud and thankful for our managers in Ecuador, especially Juanita and Carlos Coloma who helped organize and make this happen, thus improving the vision and health of our staff.

Women’s Empowerment Class

March is Women’s History Month, and it’s so fitting that this week our team organized our first-ever Women’s Empowerment Class for our team that’s 86% female.

At the end of each month Jet Fresh Flower Growers welcomes a motivational speaker to lift our team’s spirits, and to help us work more effectively together. This was the first time that the session discussed matters affecting our female team members, especially in their personal lives.

We were joined by Expoflores, an organization of which we’re proud members, who attended this empowerment class as a part of their social responsibility and initiative with farms. 

This emotional event had great feedback, and we feel this was an effective way to open a healthy dialogue with our team in order to improve their lives and self-esteem.

A big thanks to Juanita for recognizing our team’s personal and emotional needs, ensuring that their voices are heard and feel empowered.

United Selections Visit

This month we also had the pleasure of showing United Selections our new House Series Roses. Jelle and Paul got to see the progress of our Lighthouse and Whitehouse roses. Contact for information.

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