Jet Fresh Flower Growers Farm Fresh Friday Spring Update

Jet Fresh Flower Growers is back with a Farm Fresh Friday spring update from our rose farm Jet Fresh Flower Growers in Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

We’re well into wedding season with Mother’s Day just a short month away, and Jet Fresh Flower Growers has great varieties coming soon.

Our JFTV series, Meet Our Quito Equipo is also back with a fresh interview featuring our farm’s General Manager, Carlos Coloma.

JFTV: Meet Our Quito Equipo: Carlos Coloma

Carlos, who is Juanita’s husband (sorry, ladies), retired from the Ecuadorian Police force to begin his new chapter in life with us on the farm.

Carlos manages the entire farm property as well as the employees and equipment, ensuring the quality and safety of our workers and facilities.

farm Update: Whitehouse Roses

“Whitehouse” from the breeder, United Selections is one of the newest varieties we planted and now available from our farm in Ecuador. This pure white rose variety is part of the “House Series” roses, along with their popular yellow rose variety “Lighthouse,” also available at our farm.

Jet fresh Flower Growers is seeing great production of the new “Whitehouse” plants, producing many healthy, beautiful buds. We’re so excited you to test-drive our new “Whitehouse” roses. Contact your sales rep today.

Farm Update: Pomarosa

Another one of our fresh, new rose varieties available soon from our farm is “Pomarosa.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, this beautiful rose is a light blush-pink with creamy undertones that complements many flower types, but especially stands out in wedding and special events.

Our farm’s general manager, Carlos is proudly inspecting our Pomarosa plants. We can’t wait until we’ve cut our first bunch, giving you a closer look at another new rose variety available from Jet Fresh Flower Growers in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Stay tuned for updates on Pomarosa.

Natural Rainbow Assorted Mixed Roses

Jet Fresh Flower Growers now has Natural Rainbow Assorted Mixed Roses available from the farm. Perfect for Mother’s Day, these natural rainbow assorted mixed roses are perfect for those who want a colorful bunch of roses.

Each bunch includes 25 different stems of rose varieties growing and available at our farm. Test-drive this amazing mix and discover which varieties are your favorite from our farm. Look out for availability in Miami from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers Variety Chart

Check out the latest variety chart of all the roses growing and available soon at our farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.

Out of our new rose varieties, Sandy, Finally, Lighthouse, Whitehouse and Silvery Light are currently available from our farm. Stay tuned for fresh updates from all the varieties available this year.

To place an order direct from the farm, or from our sales office in Miami, please contact

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