Jet Fresh Flowers Hello Beautiful Flower Wall Truck Wrap

Hello, Beautiful! Now seen driving around Miami, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has a new Flower Wall Truck Wrap design just in time for Mother’s Day 2019. This truck wrap was collaborative effort aimed to create a long-lasting moving flower wall that was arranged by our Cash and Carry manager, Olga Ramirez, AIFD, CFD and photographed and edited by our marketing director, Ryan Black.

Using flowers only from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, Ryan created a permanent moving flower wall that embodies the colorful personality of Miami. In pink neon font, one side of the truck says, “Hello, Beautiful” and the other side is translated in Spanish: “Hola, Hermosa” reaching out to our wide bilingual audience.

Making the flower wall

Rather than using an abundance of flowers and tiles for just one photoshoot, Ryan cleverly achieved this Flower Wall Truck Wrap concept using only a portion of the flowers shown.

Olga designed a miniature flower wall using fresh-cut flowers from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors, and designed them using OASIS® Floral Foam Tile

Olga needed just one box of OASIS® Floral Foam Tile which comes with four separate tiles to create one cohesive design that was enlarged and duplicated.

JFTV: Fresh Flower Wall Time-lapse 

#CheckItOut, watch Olga create the flower wall in this JFTV Flower Wall Time-lapse. Here she used a fresh assortment of colorful flowers available from Jet Fresh in Miami including various focal focal flowers such as roses, garden roses, peonies, cremon balls, gerbera daisies and more!

Olga was assisted by our quality control specialist, Valeria who helped her complete the project in time, adding as many flowers as possible to fill-in every possible space.

Filler flowers helped this design make a bigger statement with spray roses, kalanchoe, raffines dianthus, green trick dianthus and carnations, too.

Ryan had to get in just the right position in order to photograph the design perfectly.

Stop and Take a Selfie!

We want to see your photos and videos in front of our Hello, Beautiful Flower Wall Truck Wrap. Send them on social media @JetFreshFlowers or

Ryan’s truck designs

Ryan has designed all of our Jet Fresh transportation vehicles which can be seen driving around South Florida. Ryan wanted each vehicle to look completely different from the last, and he’s always pushing himself to create something fresh and appealing. Which design is your favorite?

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