U.S. Embassy of Ecuador Displays Jet Fresh Flower Growers at Flower Mart 2019

Jet Fresh Flower Growers proudly donated roses from Cotopaxi representing the U.S. Embassy of Ecuador (Embajada del Ecuador en los Estados Unidos) at Flower Mart 2019 located at the Washington National Cathedral. Flower Mart is an 80-year-old tradition in Washington D.C. where Embassies, their ambassadors and floral designers join to create colorful floral displays.

His Excellency Francisco Carrión Mena, Ambassador of Ecuador, and Mrs. Paulina Arcos presented their floral theme: “A Gift for You” which was arranged by floral designer, Marco Benitez. The floral designs presented were highlighted by each country’s natural and floral heritage as well as its topography, national colors, flags, and symbols, according to the All Hollows Guild, Washington National Cathedral Gardens. 

“Ecuadorian roses are considered the best in the world due to their incomparable quality, beauty, and unique characteristics: thick long stems, big buds, and vivid colors. The biggest flower production centers are located in places that reach 2000 meters above sea level. Their sunlight is more direct and the temperature is stable throughout the year. Roses are one of the most important Ecuadorian exports to the United States.” All Hollows Guild, Washington National Cathedral Gardens
We thank and credit the U.S. Embassy of Ecuador for these photos below.
Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A., established in March 2018. produces premium-quality Ecuadorian roses 2,896 meters above sea level. The high altitude increases the growth and production cycle that contributes to longer, thicker stems and luscious foliage; along with large and vibrant rose heads. Our rose farm also has its own microclimate, surrounded by hills and mountains, which creates a thriving environment that’s perfect for growing roses.
We produce over 30 different varieties of Ecuadorian roses with more varieties coming soon this year. We’re so proud to see our red “Explorer” roses on display at this event full of reverence with only a year under our belt.

Since 1939, All Hallows Guild has held Flower Mart on the first Friday and Saturday of May as a benefit for the Cathedral’s gardens and grounds. This 2-day event is full of fun and activities for the family celebrating this tradition. This year, Flower Mart 2019 expanded to the “Flower District” on the Cathedral’s front lawn.

About Flower Mart

“The National Cathedral Flower Mart is Washington, D.C.’s spring festival for garden enthusiasts and families that features annuals, perennials, landscape exhibits, Olmsted Woods and Garden tours, musical entertainment, gourmet food, a book sale, and children’s activities such as a rock wall, moon bounce, a mini-Ferris wheel, and a century-old restored carousel,” according to source.

Since 1939, it has been held on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral sponsored by the volunteer organization, All Hallows Guild.

The festival encircles Washington National Cathedral with its tents and includes more than 70 booths offering gardening items, handbags, jewelry, and more.

Flower Mart 2019 Participating Embassies And Cultural Offices

Washington Embassies, their ambassadors, and their floral designers contributed to the creation of gorgeous displays in the bays that run the length of the great hall. Their designer’s talents produce stunning visual effects against the structural Gothic backdrop.  The exhibit was opened both days of Flower Mart with free admission, and has grown to be one of Flower Mart’s favorite attractions. All Hollows Guild

Please see below for the list of participating embassies and cultural offices that joined alongside the U.S. Embassy of Ecuador.

For full information about any of these designs, please click here.

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