Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is Supporting Over 100 U.S. National Cemeteries

Memorial Day was established after the Civil War and was originally known as Decoration Day. Each year, on this day, we honor those who risked or sacrificed their lives while protecting and fighting for our country with a special floral tribute.

Since 2011, the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation has honored this tradition bringing together growers, distributors and logistics companies supplying flowers national cemeteries, including Arlington National Cemetery. This year, the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation has increased their presence supporting over 100 U.S. National cemeteries.

Every year the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation coordinates private, public, and corporate sponsors, as well as with local organizers and volunteers to place a flower on the grave site of veterans and their spouses. This floral tribute connects communities around the country, to honor their heroes and the sacrifices they and their families made for our country.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has been a proud sponsor of Memorial Day Flowers since 2012, donating over 10,000 stems of roses and cut flowers each year. With our marketing director, Ryan Black on their advisory board, we’re proud to continue offering our support, volunteering in Arlington National Cemetery and providing fresh content and videos that have helped contribute to their growing success.

This incredibly emotional 2-day event draws a great number of volunteers of all ages graciously donating their time to make sure every soldier is honored.

One the first day, corporate sponsors and volunteers work togetherĀ unloading all the flowers and preparing them for local volunteers to place on each gravesite until they’ve ran out of flowers.

Last year, there were over 1,000 volunteers and 280,000 stems of flowers at Arlington National Cemetery, alone!

JFTV: Memorial Day Flowers

Take a closer look at all the amazing and hard work that goes into making this happen for Memorial Day. You’ll quickly realize how this effort is still just a mere gesture for those who bravely fought and served our served.

How to Volunteer

Visit the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation to see if there’s a local event in your area.

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