Memorial Day Flowers 2019 Arlington National Cemetery

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation returned to Arlington National Cemetery where over 5,000 volunteers placed flowers on over 600,000 gravesites. This two-day event, took place all over the country at over 150 U.S. National Cemeteries where sponsors and volunteers worked together to decorate every gravesite with flowers honoring those who served our country.

Our own Jimi the Tulip represented Jet Fresh Flowers in Arlington, Va. which we’ve proudly sponsored the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation with fresh-cut flowers since 2012. For two days, he and thousands of volunteers around the country worked together unloading flowers and helping volunteers achieve the goal of placing a flower at every gravesite.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation had dedicated volunteers of all ages supporting the cause any way they can. The event has grown so much over the years, that it has also received support from local Boys and Girl Scouts of America as well as JROTC students giving back to their community. From unloading trucks and preparing flowers, to placing flowers on every grave site, over 1,500 people came together at Arlington National Cemetery to make Memorial Day a successful tribute.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation is a wonderful cause that continuously brings the flower industry together. Growers, importers, distributors, logistics companies and more all support this great organization contributing supplies and labor that help make this possible all over the country.

There is great support from national corporate sponsors that also helped the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation gain national recognition supporting cemeteries across the country. This year they’ve expanded their reach covering over 150 National Cemeteries.

JFTV: Memorial Day Flowers 2019 Testimonial w/ #JimiTheTulip

In this new episode of #JFTV, Jimi the Tulip gives us his fresh perspective volunteering for Memorial Day Flowers at Arlington National Cemetery for the first time. Hear his first-hand experience at this impactful 2-day event.

The cause is growing more every year, take a moment to learn more and become a part of it at

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