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Flower hat boxes filled with Preserved Roses have taken the floral retail market by storm as a great long-lasting alternative to gifting fresh-cut flowers. Jet Fresh Flowers has Fresh Inspiration to kick up your preserved rose arrangements.

Our marketing director, Ryan Black wanted to take the preserved roses out of the box and create a 3-dimensional bouquet that makes the roses stand out and look beautiful from afar.

Using Large Red-02 preserved roses from Rose Amor, Ryan created a spherical bouquet of preserved roses using a 10-inch styrofoam ball and about 60 preserved roses that sit nicely inside a round hat box.

Jet Fresh Flower is a proud exclusive Florida distributor of Rose Amor preserved flowers, available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

The preserved roses, which measure about 5 cm in diameter were affixed with a hot glue gun and arranged one-by-one until gaps were filled and half the ball was covered. The styrofoam was first punctured with a pencil and then filled with hot glue to attach the roses by the stem.

Tip: hold roses in place while the glue dries a little so it doesn’t dry leaning in the wrong direction.

Since preserved flowers don’t require any water, they can be attached to almost anything that will support it. Using styrofoam shows how simple the base can be to support such a lightweight product. Think geometrically and create preserved rose bouquets and arrangements in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

For large structures, consider our XL-sized preserved roses from Rose Amor available at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami.

We usually see preserved rose hat boxes arranged with a flat top that’s then covered by a lid. This is a great idea for shipping and preservation, but is it the best idea visually?

“A lot of the hat box companies miss so many opportunities for creativity and uniqueness; if only they displayed and sold preserved roses in different ways,” said Black. The options are truly endless when you design with preserved roses. 

How to Order

The new Jet Fresh Preserved Flower brochure features a great variety of preserved roses and products available to order from Miami featuring farms in Ecuador as well as Colombia. See products from Rose Amor, Vermeille and more. 

Learn more about all the great items available in our inventory as well as custom order. Contact for pricing and shipping information.

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