Jet Fresh Flower’s Candy Shop at 2019 International Floriculture Expo

The 2019 International Floriculture Expo is the largest floral B2B trade show in North America. This year they took the show to Miami where we debuted the Jet Fresh Flower’s Candy Shop for the first time.

This fresh concept and exhibit was made entirely in-house, featuring fresh-cut and preserved flowers available from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. Floral designs were made by our talented team, Olga Ramirez, AIFD, CFD and Jimi The Tulip, with preserved rose spheres made by Ryan Black and Ellie Betancourt.

The Candy Shop was a visually engaging floral theme that invited visitors to indulge in candy while enjoying colorful floral arrangements. The expo took place June 18-20 at the Miami Beach Convention Center with a 2-day exhibition the 19th and 20th.

The Jet Fresh Flower’s Candy Shop was designed for one reason: our flowers are sweet like candy!

We wanted to create an experience for the 2019 International Floriculture Expo in Miami by taking a nostalgic setting, such as a candy shop, and making it both colorful and fresh. For this booth concept, we created our own candy floral decor and combined real candy from Sugarman Candy in Miami to show how well they play together.

The flower wall was made to feel like a traditional candy wall display, emulating single-color candy varieties in acrylic tubes. We made our own version of this using Oasis foam flower tiles to create our own rainbow flower wall. Directly below the flowers were shelves of candy which coordinated with the same colors of the flowers.

Our custom-made gum-ball machine was filled with giant gum balls made entirely out of preserved roses using 6-inch styrofoam balls and a hot glue gun. The preserved roses from Rose Amor in Ecuador were made in sizes L, LL+ and XL and feature a variety of colors available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors. It took approximately 84 Large-sized preserved roses to cover sphere. It’s always best to have extra roses available, just in case.

Olga and Jimi The Tulip created luscious floral arrangements using fresh-cut flowers from the Jet. The bouquets were jam-packed with a wide variety of flowers including :Dutch peonies, Rosa Flora Gerbera Daisies, airbrushed roses and Choco Roses from VIP Roses, which we also filled our fresh candy bar with. It smelled delicious!

We were happy to be visited by many familiar faces in the flower industry including our good friend Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI and rising design star, Shean Strong.

Ryan had a lot of fun adding FRESH details into our candy shop, giving visitors a full experience Jet Fresh-style. Ask your Jet Fresh sales rep for our exclusive swag.

How they were made

Take a closer look at how our 6-inch preserved rose spheres were made in these time-laspe videos using Blu-01 and Ora-02 from Rose Amor. Learn about all the colors available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors in Miami here.

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