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Our Preserved Rose Gum Balls were recently featured inside theĀ Jet Fresh Flower’s Candy Shop, and they were a real hit at the 2019 International Floriculture Expo in Miami. Ryan and Ellie made floral gum balls using 6-inch styrofoam balls to create preserved rose balls that resemble gum balls in our gum ball machine.

Our custom-made gum ball machine measured 7 feet tall with a 36 inch acrylic dome which we filled with several preserved rose balls in rainbow assorted colors. We used preserved roses from Rose Amor in Ecuador to help us achieve this larger than life display with flowers without requiring any water.

This was an excellent DIY project that required a hot glue gun to attach the preserved roses. In these episodes of #JFTV, enjoy fresh time-lapses of our preserved rose balls being made by Ryan.

JFTV: Time-Lapse, Preserved Rose Ball Design (Blue)

In this episode of JFTV, Ryan used Blue-01 preserved roses from Rose Amor. It took approximately 84 Large-sized preserved roses to cover the styrofoam balls. However, it’s best to always have extra rose heads on-hand in case you find yourself running short or have an accident.

Casey’s pup, Jet was the perfect assistant in helping Ryan capture these time-lapse tutorials.

Thirteen preserved rose gum balls were made for this event to fit inside our 36-inch acrylic dome. Using preserved roses only from Rose Amor, we used a variety of vibrant colors to capture a rainbow gum ball mix.

A range of sizes from Large, LL and XL were designed to achieve our concept in the following preserved rose colors:












JFTV: Time-Lapse, Preserved Rose Ball Design (orange)

Enjoy another fresh time-lapse on #JFTV featuring ORA-02 preserved roses from Rose Amor.

Preserved Flower Brochure

Interested in preserved roses from Rose Amor? Learn about all the preserved roses and flowers available to order from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors inside our latest brochure. Download it today!

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