Farm Fresh Friday Ellie’s First Visit to Jet Fresh Growers

Farm Fresh Friday is back with another fresh update from our farm in Ecuador, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A.

A few weeks ago, Ellie and Fernando flew to Quito where Ellie experienced our farms for the first time.┬áDuring their visit, they also made a visit to Rose Amor’s farm where they grow and produce quality preserved Ecuadorian roses and flowers. Check out some of the highlights from their visit.

“Visiting Ecuador was not just educational, it was inspiring, breathtaking and unforgettable,” said Ellie. The views, the people, the food and our farms all hold a special place in my heart.”

Ellie visited our farm in Cotopaxi as well as our partnered farm, Roses With Altitude in Cayambe, 3,200 meters above sea levels.

The high altitude improves the quality of roses that produce larger heads, thicker stems and fuller foliage. Located so close to the equator, the production cycle is also extended with intense sunlight that deepens the color of the roses.

Airbrushed Roses

We’re now testing out airbrushing roses at Jet Fresh Flower Growers in various colors and patterns. Airbrushed roses have been very well-received in Miami, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Stay tuned for fresh updates!


Also new on our farm are hot pink “Hot Explorer” roses. This variety has a deep shade of pink that’s consistent throughout. It also has a large head size with a medium-wide aperture measuring 6.5 – 7cm wide.


Ellie, Fernando and Melisa also paid a visit to Rose Amor where they received a tour of their facility as well as their farm.

This was a real treat for us as Jet Fresh is the exclusive Florida distributor of Rose Amor preserved roses. We got a first-hand look at some of the preserving process which gave us a new appreciation for these quality longer-lasting roses.

Rose Amor grows their own special rose variety which gives them consistent quality and shape throughout. They also preserve their roses in-house and create a range of beautiful colors and varieties to fulfill various floral needs. Learn more about preserved roses and the products we carry in our latest brochure.

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