Frida Kahlo Preserved Flower Tribute

On July 6, 2019 Jet Fresh Flower Distributors shared a special floral tribute commemorating the late Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. In honor of her birthday, we shared a custom-made art piece using preserved flowers, celebrating her life and the long-lasting effect she’s left on the world.

Our preserved flower specialist, Ellie designed this vibrant floral headpiece using various preserved flowers available at Jet Fresh Flower Distributors including Ecuadorian and Colombian preserved roses, preserved gardenias and preserved foliage.

Take a closer look at this Frida Kahlo tribute and learn about the preserved flowers used in this floral design.

JFTV: Frida Kahlo Preserved Flower Tribute

In our latest episode of JFTV, we have a fresh time-lapse of Ellie designing the flower crown of our Frida Kahlo tribute. She affixed preserved flowers onto a wooden plank using only a hot glue gun and preserved flowers. Go see her in action!

Preserved Flowers

Ellie incorporated various preserved flowers available at Jet Fresh to show how well they all coordinate. In order to achieve this colorful Frida Kahlo tribute she used the following items:

  • Red-02 Bonita Ecuadorian preserved roses
  • White preserved gardenia
  • Red-02 Kabukyza Ecuadorian preserved garden roses
  • Yel-04 L Ecuadorian preserved roses
  • Canary Yellow Monalisa Colombian preserved roses
  • BIC-09 L Ecuadorian preserved roses
  • Blue-03 L Ecuadorian preserved roses
  • Cinderella Blue Ines Colombian preserved roses
  • Pin-03 Warmi Ecuadorian preserved roses
  • Ivory Ava Colombian preserved roses
  • Ecuadorian preserved leaves
  • Preserved Leather Leaf
  • Preserved Ruscus

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors has a wide variety of preserved flowers available including the items featured here. Check out our Preserved Flower Brochure to learn about all these items used in this piece, and more. For pricing and availability, please contact


Frida Kahlo was known as one of Mexico’s greatest artists who painted portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Born July 6, 1907, she was inspired by the country’s popular culture; and explored questions of identity, post-colonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society.

In 1925, she was severely injured in a bus accident where she began painting mostly self-portraits. July 13, 1954, she died after suffering a pulmonary embolism.

“Frida Kahlo is remembered for her self-portraits, pain and passion, and bold, vibrant colors. She is celebrated in Mexico for her attention to Mexican and indigenous culture, and by feminists for her depiction of the female experience and form.”

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