Jet Fresh Flower Growers Participates in Mentes Brillantes 2019

Literacy in rural areas of Ecuador has remained a national concern for those aiming to improve Ecuador’s education system. Aeme RepresentacionesEcuaquímica and Syngenta support the Mentes Brillantes (Brilliant Minds) project to promote the education of children of floricultural workers, and improve access to resources in rural areas.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers held their first Mentes Brillantes award ceremony last week. The top two children with the best grades of all the children of our farm employees received scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year. We want to congratulate Yauli Toaquiza Kelyn Sarey and Negrete Toaquiza Darlyn Sneyder, children of our farm’s employees, Daniela Toaquiza and Mayra Toaquiza for having the best grades.

Yauli and Negrete both won gift cards to use toward school necessities for the new year, medals for their achievements, and gifts from Jet Fresh Flower Growers. They’ve also been qualified for a chance to go on a trip via train with the top-10 students who have the best grades out of all participating farms.

Mentes Brillantes currently extends to over 60 farms in various parts of Ecuador. The program is categorized in the area of ​​Social Responsibility from Expoflores. The project was created “so that children and young people can have a prosperous future and guarantee them a better quality of life.” In 2017, Mentes Brillantes awarded 250 scholarships $40 each to go towards resources for the new school year. Ecuaquímica

Mentes Brillantes was established in 2014, seeking to eradicate school dropout and child labor in the agricultural sector. Their impact supports rural areas in Ecuador with mostly indigenous groups in the Sierra region.

Literacy in Ecuador is an issue that has been improved over the years; although it remains one of the biggest concerns for the children of floriculture workers. The Mentes Brillantes program encourages the importance of education for children who may lack resources or accessibility in order to attend. Through the program, they hope to help as many children of families in the floriculture industry in Ecuador.

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