Preserved Rose Cigar Gift Box Fresh Inspiration

Preserved Roses Men will Love.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is back with a fresh floral inspiration for the fellas using Preserved Roses. This time, we have a fun gift box idea that’s absolutely perfect for cigar aficionados — presenting our Preserved Rose Cigar Gift Box.

Preserved Roses are displayed in an elegant, gender-neural manner in a real wooden cigar box that can be used for gifts and special events. Made by our creative marketing director, Ryan Black, he enhanced this cigar box and turned it into a real gift showpiece that any cigar-fan will love.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors supplies preserved and dried flowers which have been warmly welcomed for gifts and floral decor. These real, cut flowers are carefully preserved at the farm, which extend their longevity and use, and give floral designers the ability to create unique floral designs that doesn’t require any water.

There’s an opportunity to create floral arrangements that men will enjoy as keepsakes, and this is a great example of a gift idea that men can keep as well as appreciate.

JFTV: Preserved Rose Cigar Gift Box Video

Take a closer look at our Preserved Rose Cigar Gift Box using Gold preserved roses from Rose Amor.

Ryan made a bed of golden preserved roses using two different-sized preserved roses, Large and Warmi from Rose Amor in Ecuador. He trimmed the stems of the Large-sized roses to level the height next to the Warmis. He then attached them to the box using a hot glue gun. The Warmis were a great idea for filling in the extra gaps as well as making the design more dynamic.

HOw TO ORder

Preserved Roses are available in a wide range of colors and finishes for all your preserved needs.

Whether you need single trays or master cases, Jet Fresh can supply the U.S., Canada and Caribbean with our Miami inventory as well as request custom orders from the farm. (Product availability may vary outside of these territories).

View our latest Preserved Flower Brochure for product information. For pricing and shipping information, please contact

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