Fern and Edwin Visit Rosa Flora Limited

Rosa Flora Limited opened their doors this week to the Fern Show and the Doctor for a special tour of their amazing flower farm. Fernando and Edwin traveled north to Ontario where we source the highest quality fresh-cut flowers in Canada.

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is a proud authorized distributor of Rosa Flora Limited’s fresh-cut flowers. They carry an incredible selection of products from Gerberas Daisies, Lisianthus, Stock and more, produced with the utmost care and sustainability for wholesale and events.


Rosa Flora Limited takes pride in being a flower farm with a very low carbon footprint.

In 2006, they received recognition from The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservative (CIPEC) on becoming an Industrial Energy Innovator reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

“In 2006, Rosa Flora installed and commissioned a German engineered PWE650 wind turbine, able to produce 615kW of electricity per kWh. The electricity is delivered directly into the Rosa Flora system and offsets electricity required from the Ontario grid.”

Rosa Flora has been ahead of the curve for decades implementing successful green energy initiatives including wind power, carbon neutral heating biomass, and high-efficiency combined heat and power cogeneration (CHP). According to Rosa Flora, “CHP cogeneration can be 95% efficient, compared to a conventional power plant, where only 30-040% of useful electrical energy is preserved.”

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Rosa Flora Limited is committed to reducing waste in the supply chain by packing flowers upright in water using reusable pails. “They pack their flowers using recyclable cards, sleeves and boxes made from up to 100% recycled materials and 55% post-consumer content.” Rosa Flora Limited

At Rosa Flora, greenhouse water is recycled naturally using an on-site water filtration system as well as wetlands. The water is reused in their greenhouses.

They also take an environmental approach in combatting pests naturally. As opposed to pesticides and fertilizers, they use an integrated pest management system with biological pest controls that improve the quality of their flowers while also preserving the environment.

JFTV: Rosa Flora Gerbera Daisy Farm with Fern

Join Fernando live from Rosa Flora Limited in Canada as he shows us inside their Gerbera Daisy greenhouse where they produce high quality Gerberas, Spiders and Gerrondos.

This sneak peak give you a brief look inside their incredible greenhouse that’s home to an unparalleled range of Gerberas Daisies.

JFTV: Rosa Flora Farm Visit 2019

Enjoy highlights from our first visit including aerial drone shots captured at their farm.

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