How Komet-to-Komet can keep your wholesale business running efficiently

More than ever, people are adapting to new programs and technology that will keep their business running during these unprecedented times. Komet-to-Komet is a program available to floral wholesalers who want to sell flowers more efficiently.

K2K by Komet Sales is an online buying platform that gives your customers access to our live inventory that you can sell. With K2K they can shop our large inventory anonymously, and you can sell our flowers without purchasing them in advance.

JFTV: Fresh Tip – Komet Sales’ K2K with Mike

Mike is back with a #FreshTip on saving money and working smarter during this crisis. His personal insight into K2K explains why a program like this can help your wholesale flower business operate more efficiently during these uncertain times.

For years we’ve mentioned Komet Sales, our online buying platform that gives buyers access to our inventory, and lets you order flowers 24/7. K2K is an extension of that platform designed specifically for our floral wholesalers.


K2K puts the buying power in your customers’ hands so you are always selling wholesale flowers — even off the clock. Customers can view our live inventory of fresh-cut and preserved flowers and place orders online in advance that arrive from Miami on your scheduled truck-line.

There are many conveniences to using K2K, one of the many perks is the reduced labor costs and storage in your warehouse. You can eliminate the time it takes placing orders, as well as lower the risk of speculating with guaranteed sales that were placed in advance. Not only will you have more space in your cooler for flowers, but your customers will also appreciate the wider selection you’re offering while they shop online; giving you time to do other important tasks.


You won’t have to worry about your suppliers gaining your customers information. K2K ensures that your customers’ identities are well-protected and concealed from your vendors with anonymous ordering.

Not only will their information be protected, but you can prevent them from seeking other wholesalers by offering a wider selection of flowers from your large inventory.

K2K Explanation Video

Here’s a quick visual explanation showing how K2K works.

Get started!

Komet Sales is ready to help you work more effectively. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and see if K2K is the right fit for you.

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