2020 Holiday Hippy Psychedelic Roses

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with holiday Hippy Psychedelic Roses from Jet Fresh Flower Growers. Our fresh collection of color-enhanced roses has been unveiled ready to bring peace, love and holiday cheer with every order. 

Hippy Psychedelic Roses come in a wide variety of colors and combinations that are full of the holiday spirit. Available farm-direct or from Miami, our roses are packed in freight-friendly 50-stem 1/8th boxes, and shipped with complimentary Arrive Alive from Chrysal. Learn more about our holiday roses, and let us know which varieties are your favorites in the comments below. 

JFTV: 2020 Holiday Hippy Psychedelic Roses 

Join Celine in this fresh episode of #JFTV featuring our Rainbow Mixed Holiday Assorted Roses.  This mixed box features some of the many varieites available from our holiday lineup. 

Holiday Hippy Psychedelic Roses

Hippy Psychedelic Roses come in different color-enhancements and varieites. Get well-acquainted with some of the holiday-themed roses now flying from the Jet. 

Glitter Edge Roses

White with Christmas Glitter Edge
Red with Green Glitter Edge
Blue Christmas
Fire Red with Silver Glitter Edge
White with Silver Glitter Edge
Fire Edge with Green Glitter Edge

Frost & Frozen Roses

Santa Baby
White Frost
Red Frost

Marshmallow Roses

Red Gold Marshmallow
Silver Marshmallow
Dark Green Marshmallow
Red with White Marshmallow
Red with Silver Marshmallow
Blue Marshmallow

Glitter 'Mallow Roses

Red with Green Glitter 'Mallow
Christmas Glitter 'Mallow
White with Dark Green Glitter 'Mallow
Red with Gold Glitter 'Mallow
Red with Black and Silver Glitter 'Mallow
Red with Black and Gold Glitter 'Mallow
Red with Silver Glitter 'Mallow
White with Blue Glitter 'Mallow
Red with Black and Green Glitter 'Mallow

Konfetti Roses

Red Marshmallow Konfetti
Red with White Konfetti
Red with Silver Konfetti
Red with Gold Konfetti


Holiday Rose Collection

Want to see more of our Holiday Hippy Psychedelic Roses? Click to view our Holiday Hippy Psychedelic Rose Gallery.

Explore our full line of Hippy Psychedelic Roses. 

Custom colors and combinations are available upon request. Ask your sales rep for information or contact Sales@JetFreshFlowers.com.

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