Jet Fresh Global Trading Sources Top Flowers Worldwide

Are you a flower buyer who’s frustrated with searching for wholesale flowers from many different farms in many different countries? Do you wish there was one single source that could locate them all for you? You’re in luck! Jet Fresh Flowers proudly supplies wholesale flowers internationally with our broker-style buying channel, Jet Fresh Global Trading. 

Jet Fresh Global Trading sources a wide range of wholesale flowers and greenery from top farms around the world. Based out of our Ecuador-branch office, gain access to our roster of quality growers and let our Flower Hunters do the wholesale sourcing and buying for you.

Flower Hunters

The Global Trading Flower Hunters have direct access to wholesale flower farms worldwide. Our prime location in Quito allows us to stay connected globally, and discover new and exciting products. We make frequent visits (when it’s safe) to our suppliers around the world, and maintain quality relationships with growers ensuring quality and freshness.

Our selection of wholesale flower suppliers includes popular items for wholesale and events, as well as rare and unique items that keep the industry fresh and interesting. Consider us your one-stop source for a wide range of wholesale flowers.

How does it Work?

So how does it work? It’s quite simple, actually. Your Jet Fresh Global Trading sales representative will be your direct-link to our partnered flower farms. Our list of wholesale options are never-ending, so don’t hesitate to ask if an item is available.  In just a few steps, you’ll have wholesale flowers which have been sourced for you conveniently 

Authorized Brands

Jet Fresh Global Trading is a proud, authorized distributor of some of the best flower brands names in the industry. Discover our extensive list of flower farms including Jet Fresh Flower Growers, home of the original Hippy Psychedelic Roses, Flores Del Este Hydrangeas, Alexandra Farms Garden Roses and Sande Flowers to name a few. Click here to see more authorized brands. 

Growers Jet Fresh Flowers
Sande Flowers

Are you ready to start saving time searching for wholesale flowers? Contact our Flower Hunters today and source the best flowers from around the globe. To get started, send an email to

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